Big Brother

Intense Big Brother housemate Daniel Hayes has a softer side when it comes to his two kids

''Not a perfect Dad but blessed with two grounded kids.”

By Maddison Hockey
He's undoubtedly one of Big Brother's most intense housemates yet but beyond Daniel's outbursts and eccentric behaviour is the powerful driving force of parenthood.
While on the show the real-estate agent from Geelong has kept mention of his two kids rather scarce, however, it's clear to see they've played a big motivation in his life and decision to go on the show.
Turn to the 48-year-old's Instagram account and, like many other parents, you'll find gushing posts and smiling snaps with son, Harry, and daughter, Daisy.
If he takes out the competition on Big Brother, Daniel has already said he plans to split his winnings with his cherished offspring.
Bunnings hat = classic dad attire. (Instagram)
Still, he admits he's not sure they're thrilled with seeing their dad on reality TV.
Speaking to the Geelong Advertiser the Big Brother housemate said he believed his kids were likely "a little embarrassed" about his TV stint.
"But they're proud of their dad irrespective of whether he's a successful real estate agent or on a reality show," he added.
Harry and Daisy don't appear to be strangers to their dad's antics taking part in his videos for YouTube channel "Million Dollar Bogan".

Daniel admits he isn't a "perfect" parent but loves his kids unconditionally.
"Each generation wants to do it a bit better!" he shared in an Instagram post with Harry and Daisy, "I hug my kids still kiss them and tell them I love them, not a perfect Dad but blessed with two grounded kids."
While we can't speak for his home life, some fellow Big Brother housemates have revealed they found Daniel difficult to live with.
Chris found Daniel intense. (Channel Seven)
Speaking to Now To Love evicted housemate and magician, Chris, said he believed the reality contestant was far more intense in real life than what's seen on TV.
"I believe he is being watered down," Chris says, "And I'll be very surprised if any other housemate doesn't back that statement up."
"Living with him was so much more intense than what you see on TV. It was fundamentally unpleasant."