Big Brother

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Christina weighs in on that un-aired feud with Jess and her post-show romance with Brenton

''She wasn’t really happy with me.''

By Maddison Hockey
Christina Podolyano was one of the most targeted Big Brother housemates of 2021.
Having been put up for eviction seven times and with the odds stacked against her, it's impressive to say the least the 21-year-old managed to not only stay in the house as long as she did, but she made it to the top three.
It's not a notion that's lost on her.
"I think at one point in the game the only person who didn't vote for me was Sonia," Christina jokes to Now To Love.
"I'm honestly in such disbelief, even watching it back my odds were so low to ever make it out alive to the other end, so I think that is what makes it so much more surreal for me."
It seemed almost impossible the young flight attendant would make it to the top three, but here she is. Seven
The airline attendant admitted she's been watching the show back just as "religiously" as viewers at home, however, there are some elements she finds disappointing.
"I've found it good, but I am disappointed some funny moments were left out or character moments, so people can be drawn to personality as opposed to just who they are voting for."
According to ex housemates there were also quite a few feuds and clashes that didn't make it to air either, some of which included Christina and AFL player, Jess.
Jess and Christina didn't get along, but fans wouldn't have known by watching the show. Seven
"We definitely clashed a lot, there was a lot that wasn't aired.
"I don't even want to bad mouth her but a lot of the time she was handing out golden tickets to a lot of the housemates to get to the final three with them.
"It was an ongoing thing, nearly every person was promised to get to the top three but we were a house of 20.
"It came to light and she wasn't really happy with me shedding light on her giving out golden tickets and denied it."
Christina also struck up a romance with housemate, Brenton. Seven
We can't talk about Christina's time in the house without mentioning her famous romance with intruder Brenton, which unfortunately due to COVID restrictions has somewhat fizzled since returning to real life.
"The day after I left the house we caught up for coffee and then we went our own ways.
"I came back to Melbourne and it was really hard, we kept in contact calling a lot, texting all the time, but, it's hard being in different states and during COVID it's nearly impossible to hang out."