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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Kieran reveals his incredible 15kg weight loss

Kieran has ditched fat almost as fast as he’s lost friends.

By Sebastian van der Zwan
While being stuck indoors has caused many of us to put on a few "COVID kilos" over the past months, Kieran Davidson's time spent confined to the Big Brother house has actually resulted in him losing a massive 15kg!
The Adelaide videographer and self-described "evil genius", 21, tipped the scales at 129kg when the show started filming.
He tells TV WEEK, "I've always been a bigger guy because I love fast food and eating out, but I knew I needed to lose some weight. Being on food rations and not having any of the chocolate or crap I eat outside was a sure-fire way to do it."
Kieran is yet to win a Big Brother challenge. (Channel Seven)
With a restricted diet and some simple exercises taught to him by former housemate SooBong Hwang, Kieran lost 12kg during his time in the house – and he's lost another three kilos since returning home.
The YouTube sensation says, "My mum was like, 'Who is this? This isn't my son!' It's crazy. Now I'm hitting the gym, going for walks with my dad and even running. It's a bonus that Big Brother's improved my life."
Kieran continues to shed the kilos. (Instagram)
In this Sunday's episode, host Sonia Kruger informs the housemates about Australia going into lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Kieran recalls, "We were all like, 'Come on, Sonia – you're playing a prank on us!' She had to say to us, 'No, guys, I'm being deathly serious. People are fighting over toilet paper in supermarkets.'
"I didn't even know what a pandemic was. It only really hit home when Sonia told us the Olympics had been cancelled. Our jaws hit the floor. There's not a lot of stimulation in the house, so my mind ran away on me.
"I thought of us being the only survivors and having to repopulate the planet. Maybe I'd have to get with Marissa [Rancan] the 61-year-old – that would've made a good story arc for Big Brother!"

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