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A lockdown BEFORE the lockdown & a wannabe Paris Hilton: 10 explosive secrets from the Big Brother house

Not even Big Brother's all-seeing eye could stop these tales from slipping out...

By Woman's Day team
Get ready to be watched... well, at least the batch of Channel Seven's new contestants on Big Brother should.
The iconic show is back for the second year running after its successful relaunch in 2020, and it's already exploding with drama before it's even begun.
Woman's Day went behind the scenes to reveal some of the most shocking secrets...
1. Security was ramped up
The Big Brother producers went above and beyond to avoid any leaks this season. The house had increased security on the grounds, secret passageways were built and housemates had less contact with crew than in 2020.
2. No labels
There were lots of discussions about clothing due to branding rights. The housemates went back and forth with what outfits they wanted to wear in the show.
Every item was scrutinised before going into the house, which means big name brands like Nike, Lacoste and Gucci didn't have to be contacted for approval.
Big Brother is BACK for 2021! (Channel Seven)
3. A huge lockdown before the actual lockdown!
The Victorian housemates were forced to complete the longest lockdown in the history of Australian Big Brother after Melbourne battled a big COVID outbreak in 2020.
Some think it might help those contestants, given they'd had plenty of practice at not leaving the house!
4. So many juicy stories to tell
The producers extended filming when they realised it wasn't enough time to tell all the stories they wanted. Our insider says it was due to the "amazing content" this year's housemates brought to the show.
5. Sonia was always meant to be the host
Few people know that Sonia Kruger, 55, was the original choice to host the first Big Brother in 2001.
The gig was then offered to Gretel Killeen, 58, after Sonia turned it down.
6. There will be a lot of intruders
There is a whole week of new contestants competing in a series of challenges to get into the house. Not everyone will make it, but "intruder week" will add another level of frustration for those who have been in the house from day one.
A Paris Hilton wannabe Tilly is ready for fame. (Channel Seven)
7. Paris Hilton wannabe Tilly is ready for fame
NSW student Tilly, 21, is destined to be huge on social media after her appearance on Big Brother.
Tilly, whose role models are Paris Hilton and Legally Blonde's Elle Woods, is already reaching out to influencers for advice on how to run her Instagram after the show!
8. One very eager housemate!
One new housemate has applied for the past five seasons of Big Brother – three on Nine and the two seasons of the show on Seven.
9. Superfan Dan has approached past contestants
The idea of not winning has never crossed Daniel's mind, so much so that the 48-year-old was caught strategising with former housemates, including 2020 fan fave Kieran Davidson, before entering the house.
Win or lose, Seven has already asked him to come back for the VIP series!
10. Get completely off the grid!
Housemates are asked to nominate "emergencies" that they would like to be notified about while in the house such as a sick parent, but this year producers were surprised when several contestants didn't give any reason to be contacted.

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