Big Brother

Why Annelise's Big Brother experience got off to a "horrible start"

'I was shaking'

By Lucy Croke
Annelise Drake had a bumpy start to her Big Brother journey – literally!
From the moment she got there, she was put on a fake train that shakes violently for her initial 24 hours.
A fake train that shook violently proved an unnerving welcome. (Image: Supplied)
"It was horrible," Annelise tells TV WEEK. "It was so hot in there. We were tortured. It was a low point for me, and it meant my energy was lower than those who had been in the house forming friendships."
This year, Big Brother has decided to play Cupid by placing 15 sexy singles in the house to find love – but for Annelise, she wasn't aware that was the case.
"I didn't have a full understanding of what it meant by a 'love show'" the 24-year-old says. "We all knew that everyone was single and that was it."
From left: Minee, Annelise, Jake and Ari are going to be spending plenty of time together. (Image: Supplied)
This week after the young stunners arrive at the infamous Big Brother house, people start "coupling up" immediately, much to the Pilates instructor's shock, "People were saying 'I'm here to find love,'" the 24-year-old says. "I thought, 'You can't tell me you're here to find love.' The sceptic in me didn't buy it. I didn't expect people would think they had to couple up to be strong [competitors]."
Despite being unsure of her castmates intentions for entering the house, Annelise was open to the idea of meeting someone, but the only person who caught her eye got snatched up too quickly.
"Josh would have been someone I would have been open to," she reveals. "But the moment I finally walked in he was with Tay."
Social media influencer Tay is one of Annelise's 14 housemates. (Image: Supplied)
After feeling drowned out by all the "loud personalities" around her during filming, Annelise has since taken time to find herself again.
"I had a bit of a low point for a month or two [post filming]," she reveals. "I needed to figure out where my mind was at. Then something came over me just after Christmas and I entered this year with a new sense of confidence."
Recovering from a "toxic relationship" before coming on the show, getting back to the "old Annelise" has been a "healing experience".
"I thought I was healed going onto Big Brother," she recalls. "Reflecting now, I don't think I was. From where I was at the beginning of the year to Big Brother was a huge difference, and to where I am now is almost miraculous."
"I'm thriving," she says. "I feel like myself again."

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