Bachelor in Paradise

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will have you stepping back into 2016 with this one, major blast from the past

Re-introducing Janey.

By Jess Pullar
If you've rewatched Normal People enough times to recite it by heart, and if the reruns of Greys Anatomy are getting a little repetitive, we've got a shiny beacon of new television glory for you.
Oh yes, Bachelor in Paradise is about to make a mega comeback, and after months in isolation binging TV nonstop, we can barely wait to get our hands on some fresh content.
Now in its third season, the show is set to bring a plethora of faces you'll likely recognise from seasons gone by - namely those who've tried to win the hearts of Matt Agnew, Angie Kent and the infamous Honey Badger.
Ciarran Stott, Timm Hanly, Abbie Chatfield and Brittany Hockley are headliners in this year's batch of island love-seekers.
But let's not forget the other, perhaps not so famous faces who are also joining the main crew.
There was one name in particular that stood out and it took us a minute to remember her - Janey Birks.
But if you're struggling to figure out where we've seen those familiar long locks before, we've got you covered.
Janey is set to bring a splash of colour onto Aussie screens this month. (Network Ten)

Who is Janey from Bachelor in Paradise?

Janey Birks' first TV appearance pretty much dates back to the OG Bachie days, when she appeared on Richie's Strahan's season in 2016.
As you probably guessed, she didn't make the cut. In fact, she was sent home in the second week.
At the time, she revealed that she didn't expect to be on the show for very long anyway.
Janey is one to watch in the new season of Bachelor in Paradise... (Instagram)
But despite such a short-lived stint, she certainly made an impression on fans.
A self-described Disney romantic, Janey was clearly very passionate about her children's entertainer job, which involved dressing up as various Disney Princesses.
In fact, the quirky 31-year-old hasn't stopped making an impression on the people who clicked 'follow' on her Instagram account back in the day - she's certainly partial to a dress up snap or two.

Back in 2016, Janey described herself on the show as "passionate about myself, magic, sparkles, rainbows, swimming, mermaids, unicorns, fairies and fairytales".
She also famously made one of the best first entrances on Richie's season, sneakily leaving behind a shoe, which Richie later presenter her with in a cute Cinderella moment.
Richie presented Janey with her shoe when she left it behind on her first post-limo meeting. (Network Ten)
Since she was on the show, it seems Janey has kept herself busy by dressing up ... and dressing up some more.
"I'm so sweet I spew frosting," her Instagram bio reads.
'Nuff said there...
Janey looks like she'll bring plenty of colour to the new season. (Instagram)
So with that said, we can only imaging just what this vibrant character is going to bring to Bachelor in Paradise.
Best strap yourselves in, we're wholeheartedly here for her happily ever after...

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