Bachelor in Paradise

Timm Hanly breaks his silence about "hiding" his secret girlfriend post-Paradise

The 28-year-old was coupled with Britt on the show, but it wasn't meant to be.

As the final episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired on Sunday evening, Australia likely assumed we were done and dusted with that kind of drama for another year.
But lo and behold, a certain trouble-making alum from season three has just added in his two cents in the nick of time - and for a good reason considering how talked about he was when his antics post-Paradise became known.
Yes, one Timm Hanly has finally come clean about how he had to hide his secret girlfriend, who he has shared an on-again off-again relationship with for seven years.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Timm revealed he and Briana De La Motte had been back together for the last few months despite his attempt at a relationship with fellow Bachie star Brittany Hockley on the show.
"It was hard having a girlfriend and having that show on at the same time, she's also glad it's over and we can just live our lives now," he told the outlet.
He explained that keeping their relationship hidden was a "bump" for the pair as they attempted to rekindle things, but they're doing a lot better now.
"I don't have to worry about not posting her on Instagram," Timm added.
Timm is relieved he doesn't have to hide his new girlfriend on Instagram anymore. (Instagram)
Interestingly, the pair are also now working on Timm's clothing line, Front Runner, together, and yes, she has since appeared on his Instagram.
Timm's relationship with Briana was kept very quiet up until this month, when the So Dramatic! podcast revealed that Timm had been seeing his former girlfriend on and off even up until his stint on Bachelorette.
"There was still unfinished business between them. She didn't want him to go and wanted them to work things out - but it was too late because he had already signed up to the show," it was claimed on the podcast.
The pair have been on-again off-again for seven years. (Instagram)
On Paradise, Timm and Britt were the unexpected golden couple to emerge from the show, with fans across the country rooting for their success.
The pair decided to leave the show early to pursue a relationship in the outside world, but things quickly went south.
"It was a bit unfortunate, he was just a different person to when he was on the show. When he was on the show he really wanted a relationship was was so lovely and kind," Brittany revealed to Now To Love after the scenes aired.
"But when we left I only saw him once for a couple of days and he just didn't want a relationship. I think he just wanted to be free and he was unprepared to be thrown into the spotlight like he was.
"So yeah, basically he ghosted me for the last eight months [since filming wrapped]," she added.
Britt and Timm's relationship had plenty of promise, but things weren't meant to be. (Network Ten)
While things mightn't had ended as amicably as she wished for, Britt took the situation on the chin and said she's happy for Timm's new relationship.
"He's in love now, so I just want the best for him," she added.