Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise's Tara Pavlovic wants her own show, and we're KEEN

Is there more TV in store for Tara?

By TV Week team
She's been a fan favourite ever since appearing on Matty J's season of The Bachelor Australia in 2017.
And as Bachelor In Paradise comes to a highly anticipated conclusion, TV WEEK can reveal this may not be the last time we see Tara Pavlovic on screen.
The 27-year-old says she'd love her own reality TV show.
"I think my family and I would be great for a show," Tara teases.
"The cameras could follow us around, for sure. My mum [former Perfect Match co-host Debbie Newsome] would absolutely be keen on it."

It looks like a stint as the Bachelorette is out of the question, though.
While Tara has previously said she would be excited by the prospect, the rumours the bubbly blonde nanny and her boyfriend Sam Cochrane, 34, are engaged, has put an end to the possibility.
But Tara says there's no reason why Sam couldn't make an appearance in her own show.
"Sam and my personalities gel so well together," Tara enthuses, adding she's smitten with her new beau. "I'm definitely falling in love with him."

And if the online hype around the TV star is any indication, a Tara-centric show would be met by Bachie fans with excitement.
"I love Tara so much," one viewer tweets. "She's genuinely the best part of Bachelor In Paradise!"
Another adds: "'Tara is definitely my favourite on Bachelor in Paradise."
Her romance with Sam also has the audience cheering.
"Sam and Tara are legit melting my heart!" Joel Manning tweets. "They are the most beautiful couple on earth!!!!"
"Tara and Sam are delightful," another viewer gushes.
So could a Tara and Sam spin-off be the next in the Bachelor franchise? It only seems fair to give the people what they want…

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