Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise’s Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic slam Sophie Monk

'She owes him an apology.'

Bachelor in Paradise viewers were overjoyed to discover that Samuel Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic were the couple who became engaged on the hit show, following weeks of teasers. However, fans weren't always sold on the idea of these two larrikins coupling up on the island.
After all, Tara was one of the most beloved contestants on Matty J's season of The Bachelor in 2017, while Sam was labelled a 'performer' and branded a liar by Sophie Monk months later on The Bachelorette.
Tara claims that Sophie "owes" Sam an apology for those harsh comments, which painted him as a series "villain" to the public.
"Sophie slammed Sam in a public forum," Tara tells TV WEEK. "She called him a 'performer' and that's not fair.
"It was a bit rich coming from someone who was putting on a performance on the show herself."
Sam proposed to Tara in the Bachelor in Paradise finale.
Sam also thinks he was mistreated by Sophie, telling Pedestrian: "I think I was one of twenty men duped there."
"I don't need to be an arse to Sophie, but I wasn't treated very well by her. And I felt like I probably took the responsibility to try and make sure her show was entertaining, which was the dumbest thing to do. I didn't fall for her, I didn't really fall for the whole thing, either," he reveals.
He continues, "I always respected her, and I just felt this strange responsibility to help her. It was kind of f** weird, to even think that. But yeah, she tried to burn me after it, and I just thought, that was an awful experience."
The BIP star also hints that Sophie was 'performing' in her relationship with publican Stu Laundy.
"I think there were some questionable motives in their relationship," Sam tells TV WEEK.
"Seeing her and Stu break up didn't surprise me at all."
Sophie Monk made some harsh comments about Sam following his time onThe Bachelorette.
Tara reveals that Sam faced hard times after his stint on The Bachelorette.
"Everyone assumed he was this awful person," she says. "The repercussions of that were hurtful.
"But the more he opened up to me, the more attracted I became. He has such a kind heart and such a beautiful soul."
Sam echoes the sentiment when gushing about his love for his fiancé.
"There is a really deep, sensitive side to her," Sam reveals to OK!. "She's truly caring about the world and people. That's what I fell in love with."
At least the pair found love with one another, despite all the drama.
"He has such a kind heart," Tara says of Sam.

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