Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Fans ask whether Sam Cochrane's ex Tara Pavlovic could be charged with domestic violence

Now the former couple's BiP co-stars are taking sides.

After confessing to biting and hitting her former fiance Sam Cochrane, Tara Pavlovic has fled Australia's shores, jetting off 
to seek solace in Europe.
But while Tara has been putting on a brave front, posing with glasses of champagne on her business class flight and checking into four-star hotels in Sweden's Gothenburg, sources say the 28-year-old is increasingly worried after fans have called for her to be charged with assault.
This comes after she shockingly claimed Sam "pushed her" to hit him after they got into a fight the night of their engagement party.
One fan wrote on social media, "Domestic violence is wrong, 
end of. Not sure why this trashy woman thinks it's acceptable 
or is making excuses."
Another insisted the police should take action and arrest 
her. "She needs to be [arrested]. He would be if the shoe was on the other foot."
Even the airline Tara flew with has been called into question for allegedly giving her free flights.
The former couple are engaged in a very bitter break-up.
"Is it true you gave Tara Pavlovic free business class flights in exchange for social media posts while she admitted she abused 
@samual.cochrane. Not good for a 'family' brand," wrote the fan.
Meanwhile, Tara is believed 
to be concerned about the strain the revelations have put on her new romance with Gold Coast plumber Nick Shepherdson.

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"Nick's friends and family have raised some concerns about her behaviour," says a source.
"Nick's just a really nice, down-to-earth guy, who doesn't want any drama."
As Tara has previously told Woman's Day, her boyfriend Nick is a "hardworking tradie who treats me like a princess – he even cooks for me".
If you are impacted by assault or violence call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) or visit 

Brave Sam takes a stand

Sam tells us, "I just need a moment to breathe!"
Holed up in Bali to avoid all the mudslinging, Sam, 31, tells Woman's Day he's determined to turn his negative experience into something good.
"I just need a moment to breathe, but I'm trying to do good from all this," he says.
In a heartfelt message on social media, he says, "I fought long and hard with the idea of shedding light on what I believe to be a very serious issue. There is never an excuse for what I've experienced and it was love that prevented me from mentioning it. I am so shocked to learn from private messages the men who have gone through what I have. I plan on doing all I can to help both men and women.
"There is no excuse, no reason or way of justifying it. I never wanted this and I only wish for peace. To people who choose 
to judge me, I accept it. I really wanted the perfect story but in life there's always a lesson."

Sam and Tara's Bachelor In Paradise co-stars take sides...

Team Sam

Rachael was there for the aftermath...
Rachael Gouvignon saw the fallout of Tara and Sam's fight firsthand, after the Bachelor In Paradise charity night.
"Nina [Rolleston] and I were having breakfast and we saw Tara run through the hotel lobby crying and upset," says Rachael.
"Tara said she'd 'messed up' and bit Sam on his face. Sam was too embarrassed to speak to us."
Michael feels for Sam.
While Michael Turnbull says he doesn't know the full story, he did state, "Physical or emotional violence 
in any relationship should not be tolerated," adding, "If that was 
the case I would have left as well."
Though he set his sights on Tara at the start of Paradise, Michael got cold feet because he saw the way she changed after she hit the booze.
"I wasn't interested after 
I saw the way she behaved after she'd had a drink," he reveals.
Leah was very candid about her thoughts on the matter.
Leah Costa tells us, "Sam and I have stayed friends, he's a lovely genuine guy with a heart of gold."
"I'm surprised because they seemed so well suited and happy but unfortunately reality TV isn't a real life environment so you don't know what your getting yourself into."
She also revealed that she has lived with Tara on two occasions and "saw some concerning habits."
"I have never witnessed it but Sam had mentioned a few things to me."
Leah also remembers Tara getting very intoxicated at her birthday party, with Sam needing to "carry her home."

Team Tara

Sian became friends with Tara after they appeared together on The Bachelor.
Tara's former co-star Sian Kelly didn't hold back.
She ranted on Instagram, "Don't publicly humiliate my friend when we all know damn well how you feel about her," before sharing clips of Sam pleading Tara for forgiveness. In one, he says, "I played stupid games," adding, "I'm sorry I didn't come to bed with you. But if I had you back I would do that."
Nina has shown her support for Tara.
Nina Rolleston who starred on Paradise with Tara, made it clear whose side she was on last week.
Commenting on one of Tara's holiday pictures, she wrote, "OK you can come home now. I miss you!!!"
Tara replied, "We are catching up when I'm back."
Nina finished by fondly writing, "YES YES AND YES!!! But until then my beautiful friend have the most amazing time making beautiful new memories."

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