Bachelor in Paradise

Tara Pavlovic finally shares the truth behind her split with Sam Cochrane in new Instagram post

"We are living in a very fake world, don't be sucked into it," Tara shares in an emotional and candid social media post.

By Holly Royce
Former Bachelor In Paradise star Tara Pavlovic made headlines when she and then fiancé, fellow Bachelor In Paradise Sam Cochrane, sensationally and very publicly split.
And boy, was it messy.
Tara came forward with a few shocking truth bombs about the pair's "toxic" relationship one month after the couple had split, and Sam followed suit by revealing that Tara had been verbally and physically abusive throughout their relationship, which she later admitted though said it was very out of character for her.
Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane's recent breakup was extremely public and very messy.
Now, over five months later, Tara has moved on with a new boyfriend, Nick Sheperdson, and has been travelling around Europe with friends - but clearly has not fully recovered from the "toxic" relationship.
In a new Instagram story post, Tara posted an in-depth response to the many "girls asking me how I am always so happy," and the former childcare worker revealed the fallout from the breakup has been tough and managed to take a not so subtle swipe at ex, Sam Cochrane.
Tara's Instagram post.
"I often get messages from girls asking me how I am always so happy. I'm not going to lie and say life is never hard, but it can be. The last month for me has been tough," Tara wrote on the Instagram post.
"This world I am part of, all the media stuff can be really shit. Society judging you, people forming opinions on you, people accusing you of things and people pretty much just trying to tear you apart and bring you down for their personal gain."
"Unfortunately, I have realised that we live in a very fake world," she continued.
"People use people to try and get places through faking friendships. I don't mean just in the media world, it happens everywhere. I've experienced its [sic] first hand. It's gross, and actually quite sad."
Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic got engaged on the finale of Bachelor in Paradise Australia.
Tara then shares that her happiness comes from living a genuine life, surrounding herself with friends and family who really love her.
"I don't have fake friends, and I don't pretend to be friends with people I don't like for attention. Yes I can be naive at times and have been fooled by people, but I have also had the strength to realise what is going on a walk away," Tara writes.
"Surround yourself with people who respect you not only for others to see, but also behind closed doors,' she stated.
"We are living in a very fake world, don't be sucked into it," Tara concludes.
"A happy life is a genuine life".
We can't help but wonder what Sam thanks about this spiel?