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EXCLUSIVE: Richie Strahan and Alex Nation's Bachelor In Paradise showdown

The new season of Bachelor In Paradise is set to be the most explosive one yet!

They haven't seen each other since they split back in August 2017. But former lovebirds Richie Strahan and Alex Nation are about to come face to face with one another in Fiji!
Woman's Day can exclusively reveal the pair have arrived in Fiji, as the hotly anticipated second season of Bachelor In Paradise begins filming.
On November 5, Alex was spotted walking through Nadi International Airport. The single mum pushed a trolley with several suitcases, giving the impression she might be hoping for a long stay in paradise.
Alex looks like she's packed for a long time in Paradise.
We see you Richie! And that shirt looks familiar...
Meanwhile, Richie Strahan arrived on November 8, and did his best to go unnoticed as he made his way through the terminal.
It was first speculated the exes would be heading to paradise in October. At the time, it was reported they didn't know the other had signed on. But according to our insider, Alex had informed a friend that if Richie were to turn up, she "will walk out". Eek!
Hearts collectively broke around Australia when Alex and Richie announced they'd called it quits. Alex soon began dating her AFL teammate Maegan Luxa, with the pair moving in together, along with Alex's son Elijah, last December. The pair were reportedly engaged and exploring having a baby through IVF, before ending their romance in April.
As for Perth-based Richie, who has remained largely out of the spotlight since the break-up, he described his split from Alex as "heartbreaking".
"He's shattered it didn't work out with Alex, and that she's been able to move on so quickly," a source told Woman's Day. Now, regardless of whether they hug it out or fight it out in Fiji, this season is set to be juicy!
WATCH: Richie and Alex share a chocolate bath during season four of The Bachelor Australia. Post continues after video...

Meet the new Bachelor In Paradise stars

Woman's Day can reveal Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Vanessa Sunshine, Shannon Baff and Cat Henesey also arrived in Nadi last week, along with Ali's former suitors Jules Bourne and Nathan Favro.
They'll be joined by Brooke Blurton and Cass Wood. Meanwhile, Rachael Gouvignon, Sam Cochrane and James Trethewie are also believed to be in the cast.
The Honey Badger's exes have arrived (L-R: Cat, Vanessa, Alisha and Shannon)
And so have Ali's former suitors Jules and Nathan. (All images exclusive to Diimex)

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