Bachelor in Paradise

Michael Turnbull weighs in on Ali Oetjen "cheating" on Grant Kemp

Nothing rosy here...

By Chloe Lal
Some fans were worried that Bachelor In Paradise's resident nice girl wouldn't make good TV.
But then something shocking happened.
The truth behind Ali's shock split with her BiP partner started to emerge.
It was originally speculated that Ali cut ties with Grant Kemp because he wanted a threesome... And then Woman's Day unearthed the truth.
Ali apparently cheated on the American fireman with a friend.
So of course her former love interest Michael Turnbull has to weigh in.
The love story is well and truly over...
Sam Frost's runner up took to Instagram to express his shock on the matter.
Posting a snap of himself with Grant from their fun Bula Times, Michael wrote, "Sorry to hear about how everything ended, brother."
"You deserve better than that and the right girl will come along."

What we know about Bachelorette Ali Oetjen cheating on Grant Kemp

An insider told WD, "Grant told me that after the show he flew Ali to Los Angeles 
so they could try to make a go 
of it, but she allegedly cheated on him with his housemate."
It gets worse...
"He said Ali only dated him 
for fame, because he has a bigger profile [in the US]. I didn't think it made any sense at the time but I guess now she's going to become the Bachelorette, it makes sense she wanted to stay on the show."
According to the pal, despite Ali, 31, grovelling to Grant for forgiveness, the 29-year-old dumped her as soon as he found out, telling everyone he puts "d--ks before chicks" and that he's still close friends with Misha, the mate who did the dirty on him.
For more on the story - read it in full here
Grant claims Ali cheated on him with his mate Misha, pictured with Grant in the 
US (far left).
Meanwhile, Grant has confirmed the entire story - nutting out some of the finer details.
WARNING: Graphic comments ahead.
Telling Kyle and Jackie O about Ali's indiscretions, he shared, "I walked in with my friend Sabrina – who witnessed this whole thing – sees him going down on her on my stairs, so I kicked her out of my house that night."
"I was shocked, I mean I didn't even know what to think at the time … I was like, 'You need to get all your stuff in your suitcase now and leave.'"
Ali apparently was devastated, and according to Grant, said, "She was like, 'Please, please I hate myself for this, I'm so sorry I can't believe I did this.' … It's like, 'Dude you did it, I don't care if you were drunk or not, that's no excuse."
Channel Ten and Ali have declined to comment on the matter.
One thing is certain, The Bachelorette might actually prove to very, very interesting indeed!
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