Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise’s Megan Marx admits: “I wouldn’t marry Jake!”

She reveals she isn’t keen to tie the knot again.

By TV Week team
We're just days out from finding out which couple will end up engaged on Bachelor In Paradise. But for now, fans can scrap Megan Marx and Jake Ellis from the list of potentials.
Despite rumours they're still together today, Megan admits she's having doubts about a long-term relationship with the 31-year-old sales manager.
"If Jake proposed, I would say no," Megan, 29, says.
"I'm not really into that [marriage], especially because I've been married before. The next time I do it, I want it to be forever."
Megan declares she wouldn't marry Jake.
In news that will no doubt shock Jake, Megan also went on to reveal the BIP star who originally caught her eye.
"It was Luke [McLeod]," she admits, adding the only reason why she didn't pursue him was because he was already in a relationship with Lisa Hyde.
"I think going in, Luke and Lisa were pretty solid," Megan explains.
"But we did get along really well and I wanted to keep my options open."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty admits Florence Moerenhout's unexpected return to the island threw a spanner in the works.
"I'd known Jake and Florence had hooked up before Paradise and I was annoyed she came back," Megan says.
"Not because I thought she'd come to steal Jake, but because everything was so comfortable.
"Then she walked in and it wasn't anymore. I hate drama and that's what she brought."

Jake echoes Megan's words in this regard. He says his main deal-breaker in a relationship is drama, so Megan needn't worry about Flo's return.
"As much as it probably doesn't make sense, my biggest deal-breaker is drama," Jake tells Now To Love.
"Florence is a lovely girl and she's got great banter…but her and I together, we're very fiery people. I don't feel that we would have worked, we just weren't a good match."

He adds he was most looking forward to seeing Megan in paradise and is thrilled with the way things between them turned out.
"I felt myself being nervous and excited [around her]… things I never really feel on a date!" he reveals.
"But when Megan walked in she definitely changed my paradise, that's for sure!"

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