Bachelor in Paradise

Keira Maguire's explosive Bachelor in Paradise sex confession

Well, this isn't very romantic.

By Bella Brennan
It's the show that rounds up sexy singles, whacks them on an island and lets them run wild.
But according to season one Bachelor in Paradise beauty, Keira Maguire, when it comes to actually sealing the deal with a potential partner, there's very strict protocol contestants must adhere to.
"On the island you need to physically ask the producers for consent — you need to actually say (it) to the camera," Keira, who is dating BIP co-star Jarrod Woodgate, revealed in a new interview on The Buzz podcast.
"So, if you're walking into a room and the producers see you, they get the camera out and say, you need to say to the camera, 'I give consent' to have any kind of sexual intercourse," she added.
Talk about a buzz kill! However it's little wonder such strict measures have been put in to place.
BIP stars must verbally give their consent to have sex to producers on camera. (Image: Network 10
Production on season four for of the US version of Bachelor in Paradise was temporarily shut down after contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were caught up in allegations of sexual assault.
According to reports, producers allegedly believed she was too drunk to consent to a "sex act" in a hot tub with DeMario while the cameras were rolling, but it was later determined no sexual misconduct took place.
Contestants in the US now have to ask producers for permission if they want to have sex, and it seems the Aussie version has followed suit.
While it might not be very romantic, production are clearly putting the contestant's duty of care first and ensuring everyone is safe.
After an incident on the US series of Bachelor in Paradise, the Aussie franchise is making sure the same mistakes aren't repeated. (Image: Channel 10)
Keira also revealed condoms are left in all of the rooms to encourage safe sex.
"I was like, 'Oh my god, I know you're trying to practise safe sex but really,'" the social media influencer remarked.
While the dreamy island settings of Fiji would be enough for most couples to get it, Keira says the intervention from production meant she and Jarrod waited until they were back in the outside world to consummate their romance.
"I can tell you right now that Jarrod and I did not have sex on that island. There was no way that was going to happen. And we were there for the whole two months, so if we can hold it together, so can they," the reality star, who first rose to fame as the outspoken villain in Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor in 2016, confirmed.
After a brief split, Keira and Jarrod are going strong. (Image: Network 10)

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