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Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate breakup decoded: 'They weren't happy'

Friends and fans weigh in on the breakup of reality TV's fave couple.

By OK! team
"He was a big build, maybe six-foot, with light hair that was short, like a number-three buzz cut."
It's this description of a mystery man seen disembarking a Melbourne to Sydney flight with Keira Maguire that's fuelling speculation around the reality star's breakup from her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend of nine months, Jarrod Woodgate, 32.
Chatting to OK!, the eyewitness alleges, "She got off with him. If he wasn't her brother or agent, they were clearly very close. We were facing the back exit waiting to get off and Keira and her 'friend' were just in front, facing me. She said 'excuse me' to get past and so did he… to get her bag."
"It's with a very sad heart but I have to let you all know that Jarrod and I have split," Keira announced on Instagram.
Of course, there's no reason to believe that the man was anything other than another passenger on the flight – and Keira took to Instagram to hit back at the claims, during what must be a difficult enough time already for the star.
"I was by myself… WTF?" the 32-year-old replied to a fan who wrote, "I saw her today on my flight with a new man. So clearly together. You'll all see soon enough."
The news of the breakdown of Australia's beloved reality TV pairing has come as a sad shock to friends and fans alike – in particular, BIP buddy, Michael Turnbull, who says there was more going on behind the scenes for the pair than anyone could have realised.

"Even recently, they posted the perfect relationship online and now it's all over," Michael, 37, tells OK! exclusively, reflecting on how the pair expressed their love on social media.
"It just makes me laugh how social media portrays relationships like couples are soulmates and life is perfect, but in reality, both people are not really happy."
The nation had high hopes for this relationship.
Keira and Jarrod's Bachelor in Paradise castmate Michael Turnbull gives his opinion on the couple's breakup.
After watching as their romance blossomed on BIP, Michael says that calling time on the relationship could've been what was best for both of them, despite it sending shockwaves across the nation.
"I think at the start they were genuine," he says of the pair, but wonders if "Jarrod was more invested" than Keira.
"Jarrod didn't want the fame," Michael insists. "I think it was best they split."

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