Bachelor in Paradise

Keira Maguire breaks her silence on THAT Netflix drama with her ex Jarrod Woodgate

The saga continues...

By Rebecca Sullivan
There's a lot of fierce competition this year for the title of Australia's Most Petty Off-Screen Reality TV Drama, but we're pretty sure the hilarious spat between Bachie stars and former lovers Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate absolutely takes the cake.
In case you missed it: Despite splitting over a year ago, Keira has still been using her ex Jarrod's Netflix account - a naughty fact he only just discovered this week.
And the reason he found out? Because Keira's new boyfriend, Love Island star Matthew Zukowksi (yes, she's dating another reality TV bloke) messaged him to ask what episode of The Last Dance he and Keira were up to.
"Hey mate, hope you're well!" Matt wrote to Jarrod via Instagram. "Just wondering if you could check where The Last Dance is up to on your Netflix account as we are watching it and we have forgotten where we are up to. Cheers brother."
Of course, Jarrod screenshotted that DM and it's now been widely circulated online.
Yes, this actually happened - you seriously cannot make this stuff up - and you can catch up on the full saga here.
Now, Keira has weighed in on the whole ridiculous schmozzle on the Kyle and Jackie O show, revealing that she and Matt thought it was all a bit of harmless fun.
She explained how it all went down ...
"I had [Jarrod's] Netflix, because I have a smart TV, it was logged into his Netflix account, which I didn't really watch. But when Matt used to come over he's like 'Do you have Netflix?' .. I'm like 'Yeah I've got Jarrod's account'," she told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.
"We said 'It hasn't been disabled yet, let's just watch it.' We actually made a joke out of it and thought it was quite funny."
She continued: "Then one day I was disabled - Jarrod knew this, obviously - then Matt and I were like 'Oh that's so funny', so we messaged Jarrod to ask 'Where are you up to on [the Michael Jordan documentary] The Last Dance?' because we forgot, because Matt has his own Netflix account obviously, and yeah it was just a bit of fun, but he didn't take it that well, we were laughing."
Keira and Jarrod pictured during happier times. Image: Instagram
A screenshot of the DM Keira's new boyfriend Matt send Jarrod, asking about his Netflix account. Image: Instagram
When asked to compare her new man to her ex Jarrod by Kyle, Keira threw the ultimate shade at her former boyfriend, saying, "Let's just say, there's no comparison between the two ... I found myself an amazing guy!"
And Keira revealed a little bit about how she and Matt met.
"We actually met out at a nightclub but we were filming on the same island at the same time," Keira revealed.
"We were both filming love shows in Fiji at the same time ... it was really weird."
Now the pair, who are both based in Melbourne, are in lockdown together - and clearly there's a lot of Netflix and chill happening at Keira's place!
"I don't need the show to find love," Keira wrote on Instagram. Image: Instagram
Keira and her new boyfriend Matt. Image: Instagram
Keira has previously gushed about her new man on Instagram, posting several couple selfies to her social media accounts.
"Went on the wrong show ... but doesn't matter, I found you ❤️🌴@mattzukowski," she wrote on Instagram following her exit from Bachelor in Paradise this week.
There is a nine-year age gap between the two lovers - Matt is 25 while Keira is 34.
WATCH BELOW: Keira Maguire's awkward run-in with ex Jarrod Woodgate.