Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise’s Jarrod Woodgate on his future with Keira Maguire: "We’re moving in together!"

The vineyard manager has big plans for their relationship.

By TV Week team
He's no stranger to falling in love fast. Now, Jarrod Woodgate has an eye on the future after embarking on a serious relationship with Keira Maguire.
The vineyard manager, who runs his family's property in Gippsland, Victoria, is planning for his lady to move in with him as soon as possible.
"Hopefully, Keira is happy to be a part of the vineyard and embraces that life," Jarrod, 32, tells TV WEEK.
"I think she'd be there to support me. That's the type of girl she is."
Keira and Jarrod have fallen madly in love.
Jarrod also admits he'd be open to moving to Sydney to be with Keira, 31. But the logistics of his work makes it difficult.
"My problem with moving is that you can't just lift the vineyard and relocate it," Jarrod explains.
"[But] if it worked, there'd be a timeline obviously because of my family business and having to up and lift. It would all depend on where, when, how."

If Keira does relocate to be with Jarrod, he says he has no concerns about his family embracing his new love.
"Keira and I are very similar – my family love me, so they're going to love Keira," Jarrod laughs.
"I think they'd be so excited having her around [the vineyard]. We might be loud, but we'll be entertaining for them."

Meanwhile, it seems moving in together might not be the only big decision on the horizon for the new couple. Jarrod admits he's considered popping the question.
"I'm up for it [marriage]," he explains. "I just need that special person."
And it seems he's found her in co-star Keira.
"Going into this, I didn't know where I'd be," he says.
"But once I fell for Keira, it all changed. I'd be open to a proposal, for sure."

It's a significant change in tune from the pair's earlier comments. Keira has previously revealed that she didn't want to get involved with Jarrod at all.
"I didn't want to follow up Sophie Monk!" she says.
Jarrod, meanwhile, says marriage and kids "will be something down the track. Like well, well down the track."

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