Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise’s Jarrod Woodgate tells: “Ali was my rebound!”

He admits his on-screen date was the first since The Bachelorette.

By TV Week team
Australia watched on as Bachelor In Paradise's Jarrod Woodgate's heart was torn to shreds by Sophie Monk as she admitted she was in love with someone else.
The vineyard manager then took some time to recover from the events of The Bachelorette, revealing he coped by hiding out on the farm.
"I basically became a hermit after the show finished," Jarrod tells TV WEEK.
"I stayed on the vineyard during the week, and on the weekends I just hid because I found I was getting too overwhelmed by everything that was going on."
Jarrod and Keira haven't had the smoothest road to love.
But it seems all it took was a trip to Paradise for Jarrod to fully move on – and he attributes his date with co-star Ali Oetjen as the reason he is back in the dating game.
"Ali was my test," he admits in an interview with Fitzy and Wippa.
"[My date with] Ali was to see where I was at and if I was actually into the girl.
"Ali was, in a way, my rebound from Sophie [Monk]. I hadn't been on a date since Sophie and that was my first date in contact with a female outside of that.
"It was me testing to see where I was up to and as you saw, as soon as I came back [and] woke up the next day, back to Keira [Maguire]."
It wasn't long, however, until Keira left him heartbroken, too.
The international intruders stormed Paradise this week, and Keira took time to test the waters with the (now-eliminated) Daniel Maguire (it makes sense – she wouldn't have had to change her name if they married!)
On seeing the pair together, Jarrod says: "I'm just sick of getting hurt [but] I'm a sucker for punishment."
Daniel had his eye on Keira.
As for what's next for the pair (rumour has it Jarrod proposes to Keira on the show), Jarrod says he doesn't really know what to do, but he's willing to stick it out.
"There's a lot of pressure on you," he says. "You can either leave the island or stay and fight for what you want and what you believe is right.
"And that's what I've decided to try and do."

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