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EXCLUSIVE: Grant Kemp's latest tirade against Matty J will have your head spinning

First Ali and now Matty J. The rants just keep on coming!

By Anita Lyons and Megan Pustetto
Even though no one really asked for it, Grant Kemp is truly the Bachelor in Paradise 2018 gift that keeps on giving.
From his epic arrival in Fiji as an American "intruder" to his constant tirades against former "girlfriend" Ali Oetjen, Grant never ceases to amaze with his opinions on, well, everything.
This time, the US firefighter has come out swinging at former Bachelor star Matty J.
Grant Kemp has come out swinging against Matty J. (Source: Network Ten Media)
"Every chick on his season hated him," Grant said in an exclusive interview with Woman's Day.
Then, directing his words towards Matty J said, "they thought you were fake as F - - - , like you're irrelevant."
While it appears that Grant has nothing to do with Laura Byrne's boyfie, he also targeted Matty and his Insta following.
"I have more followers than you and you were the Bachelor," he said scathingly.
Let's not forget, Grant, who boasts 350k followers against Matty's 216k, has been on THREE seasons of the popular franchise - two in the US and one in Australia - so his follow count should be more!
Grant Kemp was also on the US version (pictured with Lace Morris) of Bachelor in Paradise in 2014. (Source: ABC)
Before signing off on his tirade against Matty, Grant ended with: "I heard his episode was come cringe-worthy s - - -." Charming.
The 29-year-old is not shy about letting his feelings be known.
In early November, Grant let rip about Ali and her new boyfriend, Taite Radley.
In an interview with Woman's Day, he accused her of being "so desperate to have children she may have actually 'baby-trapped'" winner Taite Radley.
"I wouldn't be surprised if she tried. I wouldn't be shocked at all, as bad as that sounds," he said.
Grant, who dumped Ali after she allegedly cheated on him with his friend, added Ali knows what she wants and is determined to get it.
"I know she wants to settle down and have a family."

And then in his most recent interview, he unleashed once more with more outlandish claims and taunts of his ex-girlfriend.
"I should unblock her and see if she like drunk messages me," he said. "She'll probably be like 'I still miss you I still love you, sorry."
So what does Ali make of all of this?
In an exclusive interview with NW, the 32-year-old said: "We all have those exes that don't go away, don't we? Definitely without a doubt, Grant was a waste of my time. He just wasn't the person he said he was. And yes, it was disappointing and crushing, but I learnt from this."
Ali and Grant met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten Media)
Hopefully Grant has said all he needs to say, but somehow, we don't think that's the last of him.
In a Woman's Day exclusive, we can reveal that Grant is releasing a single. Yup, music. Not only does he speak...but he sings too!
The music video, which will drop soon, was shot with Dan Bilzerians production team and Yves Saint Laurent provided the wardrobe.

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