Bachelor in Paradise

Abbie and Ciarran just got VERY friendly on Bachie in Paradise, but did they really hook up?

That was... a lot.

By Jess Pullar
The new season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered this evening, and already, we've got our first, rip roaring love triangle.
Given the impression he made on Australian's hearts last year (read: real tears were shed), Ciarran Stott, who was forced to leave Angie's season because of a family emergency, has already perked up the interest of more than one Bachie island gal.
For context, the first episode saw familiar face Abbie Chatfield enter stage left with one mission: Get Ciarran.
She patiently watched as each Bachie guy arrived in Paradise, biding her time and hoping for the best.
Jake Ellis, Timm Hanly, Glenn "who's that guy?" Smith et all kept everyone on their toes but eventually, Abbie's supposed prince made his grand entrance.
And boy was it one - in true Ciarran fashion, the Manchester lad arrived on-set fully nude (bar some well placed grapes over his nether-regions).
Suffice to say, Abbie was chuffed.
Well, hello there, Ciarran. (Network Ten)
Abbie was very happy with the new island addition. (Network Ten)
But unfortunately for Abbie, Ciarran seemed to have his sights quickly set on another Island babe - Cassandra Mamone, who also graced the screens in Matt Agnew's Bachelor season alongside Chatfield.
We know Ciarran likes Cass because he calls her a"little maraca", y'know, because it's completely normal to describe someone as a wooden instrument filled with small beans.
"Thought that was a little bit spicy there love," he quips to the camera.
"I wouldn't mind getting to know her."
Cass quickly makes an impression on Ciarran. (Network Ten)
As the episode progresses, Abbie gets more and more distressed as Ciarran and Cass quickly make a connection - sneaking off for a little private time in one of the hidden corners of their island paradise.
The pair share a long conversation, and Ciarran definitely looks like he's trying to make the moves.
Cass is hesitant to oblige given she was tight with Ciarran's ex, who might also be coming to paradise (more on that rabbit hole here).
This looks... cosy. (Network Ten)
Abbie is obviosuly livid with the whole scenario, though likely relieved given that Ciarran and Cass didn't appear to kiss.
Something obviously changes, because next minute viewers are faced with a rather unexpected scene - it's night time, and Ciarran and Abbie are lying in the same bed.
"Do you want me to go to another room?" asks Britt, who's in the next bed.
The pair laugh off the comment, saying they're "just talking".
But Ciarran then hints to the camera: "Unfortunately I didn't get a kiss from Cass today, so why not chew something with Abbie?"
Er, what's going on here? (Network Ten)
Abbie admits that Ciarran was "in bed with me, all night".
"You know what I mean?" she adds with a snigger.
While it's unclear as to whether the pair kissed, hooked up, pashed - whatever you want to call it - Abbie's words to the camera certainly speak a thousand words.
"He's so clearly a naughty boy," she says.
"I don't want to be perceived as a competitive aggressive b*tch but I think he's mine now."
Abbie reckons she's clocked Ciarran. (Network Ten)
Ah well, one episode down and already a solid love triangle is forming.
And if that was only the first, we shudder to think of the explosions to come. Till next time...

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