Bachelor in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor in Paradise's Mack Reid SLAMS the show's editing for making him look awkward

''I should have learnt the first time round.''

By Anita Lyons
If you squirmed through that hella awkward kiss between Zoe O'Brien and Mackane "Mack" Reid on Wednesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise you were not alone.
Not only were we all completely surprised by the very long and very loud pash, but even Mack himself was taken aback, thanking Zoe after it was all over.
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While we thought it was quite hilarious, the 35-year-old business owner from Western Australia has failed to see the funny side, even slamming the show's editors for how he has been portrayed.
In fact, during an interview with Now to Love, Mack said that his portrayal on the show was far from what he is in real life and he is severely "disappointed" in his edit.
"Look, I've been known to fall in love pretty quickly but the awkward, shy guy tag is just not me. Even as a child, I was always confident and outspoken and it just sort of baffles me why they keep editing me this way."
"There's a massive editing process that goes into it and they've sort of stitched me up somewhat."
Mack Reid is not happy with the edit he received on Bachelor in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)
When it came to that awkies kiss, Mack was "gobsmacked" and "surprised" at how it could even be edited the way it was.
"I've been typecast as the 'awkward' guy and that's not in my DNA. So every time I come on camera, you hear this awkward music and the music plays such an integral role of how someone is perceived."
"All the other kisses would have had sweetheart music, yeh? But for some reason, because they love showcasing me as the awkward guy, they have to make it as awkward as possible because it adds to the story.
"Why would you even have to hear the audio behind the kiss?" Mack continued. "Like, I just don't understand. That's just another massive stitch-up and I'm just not happy about that."
"So I just feel sorry for Zoe. For myself, it's like, whatever. But I just feel sorry for Zoe."
Hmmm... are you quite sure it's "whatever", Mack?
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Mack did reveal that while it may have looked like he was "besotted" with her, the pair had no real connection, however, she did have "qualities that he admired".
"The connection wasn't there," he said. "It wasn't that way at all."
"I'm happy for the experience, but I should have learnt from past mistakes that this is what they were going to do. I genuinely thought they were going to put someone in there for me to find love and no, that's not the case - they genuinely put me in there to look like the awkward blubbering mess, so I'm a little disappointed but I can still have my head held high," he added.
"Do you know how many times my friends and family have said in the past week that 'your friends and family know who you really are', that just says to me that they've given me a s- - tty edit. It just clarifies in my mind."
Mack and Zoe during Tuesday's rose ceremony. (Source: Network Ten)
After three seasons in the Bachie-verse (first on The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk) and then two seasons in FIJI ofBIP) Mack is still single and looking for the woman of his dreams.
"You'v got to understand that I've probably been on television for only six weeks of my life," he said. "So, I will employ normal methods to find someone from now on. I'm looking for someone, a lady that is content in herself - a go-getter like I am and compatibility is a huge must.
"I'm looking for a woman that accepts the love that I'm going to give her and have two independents coming together to create something awesome."
Well Mack, now you've set the record straight, we really hope you find the love you're looking for!

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