Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise's Jake Ellis says his penis is working again... And we're all put off sex indefinitely

Why are you telling us this?

By Chloe Lal
We all held a moment of silence when NW were exclusively told that Jake Ellis was rushed to the emergency room after he fractured his penis following a bathroom romp with his girlfriend Megan Marx.
"We were in the bathroom, well, you know, then all I heard was a scream, then 'SNAP'," the Bachelor In Paradise beauty recounted about her partner.
The incident, which happened in March, landed the pair in a Perth hospital's emergency ward.
But in a hearty medical update, Jake - or should we say Jake Junior - is in tip top condition.

The 31-year-old told Daily Mail Australia that "everything is working as it should."
Adding, "Everything is all good."
So, Australia - you can collectively breath a sigh of relief.
It's a lot to process...
For all those at home wondering, "How does one break their penis through the act of sweet, sweet love making?"
Here's Jake's explanation... And kids, we recommend you take notes.
"One night we were in Perth, we'd had a pretty big night, we were drunk and in [Bachelor in Paradise star] Brett Moore's bathroom and very in the moment..."
Megan chimed in, "Then there was a snap!"

Jake shared, "It was the most excruciating thing I've ever been through in my life. Immediately I knew I'd done some damage to myself, and told Megan I needed to go to the hospital straight away. I was very swollen!"
And poor Megan was gobsmacked, adding, "It was awful. Oh my gosh, it's etched into my memory forever!"
It will be forever etched onto Jake's junk - which needed surgery, stitches and six weeks of healing.
Despite the genitalia overshare, Jake and Megan seem to be very happy.
The pair, who found love in Fiji as contestants on the inaugural season of Bachelor In Paradise, have now been together for six months.
The couple are pleased to resume their bedroom activities...