Bachelor in Paradise

Meet Bachelor In Paradise star Elora's new boyfriend

She's found her happily ever after!

Bachelor In Paradise left her loveless but it didn't take long for Elora Murger to fall into someone else's arms.
Introducing her new boyfriend, 31-year-old Italian hunk Salvatore Savarese.
"We're inseparable!"
The 29-year-old shared, I met him at a festival I was performing at a week after Paradise."
And it's been a whirlwind romance.
"We're inseparable," she says.
"We've had some hard times but one thing we are 100 per cent sure of is that we love each other. We did not choose to. It was an energy generated by our bodies, mind and soul connecting. Like Avatars. We say I love you 1000 times a day."
Elora couldn't be happier!
Elora recently admitted she was off the market during an interview with Now To Love.
"I have found love," she said.
Remaining coy, she simply revealed, "He's an older Italian man from Naples."
She may have crushed on Apollo... But now she thinks he's too young for her!
Elora was infamously stuck in a highly-publicised love triangle with Apollo Jackson and Simone Ormesher.
But the Tahitian beauty confesses it wasn't as intense as it appeared on BiP.
"Simone went on a date on him and then I went on a date with him."
"The night of the prank letter, I sat down with Apollo and he told me he was going to invest in Simone."
Musing, "From that moment on I completely let go of Apollo."
As for her crush on Apollo - that's well and truly gone.
While admitting they're friends, she did tell us she wants more of a "man."
"Apollo is too young. There are certain qualities that I picked up on while we were in Paradise that I knew he wasn't for me."
Before adding, "He was too shy and wouldn't stand up for himself. He followed Simone around like a puppy."

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