Bachelor in Paradise

"You sit on a throne of lies": Twitter has a LOT to say about that Ciarran and Renee drama on Bachelor in Paradise last night

The narrative continues...

By Jess Pullar
In what must be a momentous first, Twitter exploded last night about something completely unrelated to the trending c-word of 2020.
Yep, instead of talking about the realities of lockdown, rising curves and other not-so-heartening news, the social media platform went into overdrive as peak escapism television aired on our screens - and you can bet people had some very strong opinions to share.
Bachelor in Paradise premiered last week with a sizeable sub-section of the nation tuning in to watch the latest series of blissful car crash television.
With break ups, make ups and everything in-between (eat your heart out, Tiger King) this TV show has given us everything we expected and more - and the latest drama on the show is exhibit A, B and C.
In case you missed it, Ciarran Stott, the heartthrob from Angie's season of The Bachelorette has made a grand comeback on Paradise in all senses of the phrase.
First he was into Cass, then he side-stepped to Abbie, and now, he can't seem to unattach his face from Jess - and yes, we're only three episodes in.
Ciarran has been... er... busy. (Network Ten)
With this kind of narrative, we're unsure how one could then engage with another Island alum without their brain literally exploding - but trusty old Ciarran was clearly up for the challenge.
It all came about when Ciarran's ex-girlfriend Renee entered stage left on island Paradise with what seemed to be a clear mission - settle this hell storm with Ciarran pronto.
At a dinner party (MAFS 2.0 anyone?), the washing all came out to dry, with a question box becoming the centre of the night's drama.
As the pair struggled to provide information about their relationship with any clear sense of how things actually went down, Renee and Ciarran took a breather 'away' from the cameras (with their mics conveniently still switched on), to talk things over.
Renee was not impressed. (Network Ten)
Renee told Ciarran that she reckons he's playing the victim for the cameras, providing viewers with all kinds of bombshells.
Case in point? Appaz Ciarran left Angie for her. Also, while he was in the mansion, he was calling her to make sure she was "okay".
Cue gasps / handfuls of popcorn consumed.
"Who do you think picked him up from the airport? He said he was over it. He said he wanted to come back and that he realised that he still loved me and wanted to make it work," she told cameras.
"He has just played everybody."
Twitter had a lot to say, naturally, so we rounded up the best reactions.
Enjoy the tea, folks.

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