Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise's Britt finally clears up those rumours about cast mates getting 'the edit'

Is it really real?

By Alex Lilly
Brittney Weldon has come a long way since the last time she conga lined her way into our hearts on Bachelor in Paradise.
The 26-year-old reality star didn't find love on Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor or during her first stint in Paradise but this time she opted to leave Paradise to pursue a romantic relationship with Jackson Garlick.
Though the couple didn't end up going the distance, Brittney (or as she's also known Littney) only has positive things to say about her time on BIP season three and has emerged "a better person."
"I've never been so excited to watch something and it then actually came out so amazing," Brittney tells Who the morning after her final episode aired.
"I'm so proud of how it all happened. Who would've thought three years later I'd still have some funny jokes in me?"
"I'm so proud of how it all happened," Britt says. (Network Ten)
However, Brittney had her fair share of dramas and conflicts during the season - particularly with fellow contestant Cass Mamone who also tried to pursue Jackson.
In an exclusive chat, Brittney reveals why she has no plans to reach out to her former co-star, her amicable break up from Jackson and her advice for anyone looking for love on reality TV.
"I wanted it to go further but that's ok - life gets in the way" - Jackson and Brittney gave it a go, but their relationship never made it past Paradise. (Network Ten)
Littney! We're sorry to hear things didn't work out between you and Jackson. He said on Instagram that he's "mostly to blame" for the break up, is that true?
I made the effort to go and see him in Sydney and see all his friends and family for his birthday.
We had a really good time but unfortunately it just didn't go from there and I think maybe because he was too busy.
I wanted it to go further but that's ok - life gets in the way. That message was so nice, when I read it I was like 'What a nice guy!' I have nothing bad to say about him.
It certainly seemed like an amicable break up. Are you still in contact with anyone else from the show?
Britt definitely – she kept me calm and gave me some really good advice and also Renee. I still talk to Rachael [Gouvignon] from season two, she's amazing.
You mentioned that whilst the girls got on in Paradise, the guys were "menaces". Was there a particular moment that stood out for you?
The boys were just there for a lads' weekend! The puff-up fight was a bit much. Like come on guys, that's not hot or sexy or nice or going to get you anywhere with the girls.
One of the main talking points this season was when Cass gave her rose to Jackson despite telling you she was giving it to Scot. She's said that she was given the villain edit but have you two spoken since the show aired?
No I don't want to speak to her, I've got nothing to say.
Obviously there's no such thing as an edit – what you say is what they show so I don't believe this thing called 'an edit.'
That just shows the sort of person she is and I don't want to be that type of person so I'm really happy with what I did and how I showed myself. That's on her.
"What you say is what they show so I don't believe this thing called 'an edit'" - Britt tells. (Network Ten)
You also had a lot of moments with Jamie this season. You mentioned that you don't believe in "an edit" but do you think Jamie was portrayed well on the show?
I love Jamie, he's a good friend of mine. He wanted to be genuine, he just didn't know how to express himself and how to have conversations or let people know what he was really saying.
He was a really emotional guy which is great because guys can be emotional but maybe emotional in the wrong way like when Timm left. That was the best day in Paradise [laughs].
Has he spoken to you about his legal proceedings?
I don't want to know anything about that. What he does in his spare time, he can do whatever.
We are good friends and I've seen him since the show but we don't talk about anything like that because I had a really good experience and I can't compare my experiences to anyone else's.
Brittney and Jamie are still good friends. (Network Ten)
How much do you think you've changed since your last time on Paradise?
Last season I didn't really have any love connections so I was just having a bit of fun. I feel like this year I showed everyone that I don't just have the fun side but I have that vulnerable side as well so that was amazing to show everyone.
Was there a particular moment that you found challenging this season?
I guess because I was there for a few weeks and was stuck in the friendzone whilst everyone was making connections was really hard but I wouldn't change anything because I've come out so much better as a person. Watching it back now, I'm so proud.
Are there any couples from this season that stand out as true love?
Is there anyone that can't see Alisha and Glenn being together for life? Even when they walked in there was an instant connection that you've never seen before. They're both such good people so it's really good to see.
Brittney says she's "so proud" watching the show back. (Network Ten)
It's tough to find love in COVID times but are you currently dating?
I'm not dating at the moment. I definitely would be interested if someone came along but I'm not looking. I'm just waiting for the right moment or the right person. I've just got a cat at the moment so that's taking up all my time!
Lots of people have called for you to be the Bachelorette, but what do you make of this year's double Bachelorettes Elly and Becky Miles?
Yeah I wonder how it's going to work out. Imagine if the two sisters like one guy, do they get 10 each?
Have any future Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants come to you for advice?
No one's come to me for advice, no one ever does! But I'm here for advice if anyone wants it. All I'd tell them if be yourself because you can't lose out being yourself and be kind.
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