Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise 2020: Filming is about to begin and here's who we think is going to paradise

Abbie Chatfield was spotted heading to Fiji, but who will be joining her?

By Anita Lyons
If there's one thing that we all love once The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are over (well nearly), it's speculating about who will be looking for love on the shores of Fiji on Bachelor in Paradise.
Sure, we won't get a confirmed cast list for at least four months, but it doesn't stop us from guessing who is ready to drop everything again for a real chance at love. Cough, cough.
Back in August, we revealed that cast members, past and present, were already forming alliances in the hopes that they would be cast on the show.
"Girls from Matt's [Agnew] season and boys from Angie's [Kent] season are sliding into each other's DM's," our source told us.
"They're forming alliances so that they can stay on the island longer." How romantic!
Earlier on Monday, Abbie Chatfield was spotted at the airport headed for the shores of Fiji, as filming is expected to start this week.
But, who will be joining the curly-haired beauty on her quest for love?
Now to Love have some theories.
The Bachelor in Paradise class of 2019! (Source: Network Ten)

KEIRA MAGUIRE - Richie Strahan's season

Keira is probably one of the most famous Bachelor-verse alum, having not only appeared on Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor, but also on the first season of the Australian Bachelor in Paradise, where she struck up a very on-again-off-again relationship with Jarrod Woodgate.
So, is the blonde beauty headed to Paradise once again to find "true love"?
According to Keira in an interview with Daily Mail at Saturday's Derby Day, the 33-year-old said that she'd be "appearing on another reality TV show and all I can say is that it'll be happening soon".
In our opinion? This is all but CONFIRMED.
Keira is back, baby! (Source: Getty Images)

CIARAN STOTT - Angie Kent's season

If Australia could have their way, Ciarran Stott would be the next Bachelor, but if that's not on the cards - then we'll take the next best thing - Paradise.
Rumour has it that the blonde Brit is heading to the shores of Fiji, ready to make an honest woman of one of the Bachie gals.
When Now to Love asked Ciarran if he was heading to Fiji, the 26-year-old was literally tight-lipped and did not say a single word, however, being the detectives that we are, we are taking that as a yes, and couldn't be more happy about it.
Ciaran is rumoured to be an islander and we're not surprised! (Source: Network Ten)
Another rumour circulating is that Ciarran will be joined by his ex, Renee Barrett, who may or may not be ready to spill some tea. So if this is the case, throw them on the island, hand them a few cocktails and we might have another Alex Nation / Richie Strahan showdown!
Is it next year yet?
WATCH NEXT: Ciarran Stott reads YOUR tweets. Story continues...

JAMIE DORAN - Angie Kent's season

We're quite sure that if Jamie Doran is going to Paradise, then the producers over at Warner Brother's are just getting ready for the hectic DRAMA.
After the 39-year-old didn't receive a rose from Angie Kent, Australia hasn't been too kind to the fireman - so are they looking to make waves once again?
It appears so, and we're not sure how we feel about it.
Is Jamie heading to Paradise? (Source: Network Ten)


While we can't be sure if the rumours are true, we've been told that joining Kiera, Ciarran, Abbie and Jamie will be Sogand Mohtat, Julia Hyde and Renee Barrett from Matt Agnew's season plus Jessica Brody who was linked to Tommy Little.
As for the guys, IF Jackson Garlick and Matt Whyatt don't win Angie's heart, we're sure they'll be making an appearance.
Personally, we'd love to see Monique Morley and Rachael Arahill (Matt Agnew's season) also turn up but there's no news on them yet!
At this stage, it's all a little bit of friendly speculation with a side of YES PLEASE.