Australia's Got Talent

Australia's Got Talent fans lash out at TV show: "What about the young kids watching?"

When performer Pricasso took to the AGT stage, fans were outraged!

By Anita Lyons
Australia's Got Talent returned for its ninth season on Sunday and let's just say, it started with an...ahem, bang!
The episode showcased some pretty epic Aussie talent, including of course, The Bachelorette's Apollo Jackson setting himself on fire and nine-year-old guitar prodigy, Taj Farrant performing AC/DC.
There was also the emotional and glorious moment when blind singer Paul Kapeleris earned himself the first golden buzzer, wowing judges and the audience, with his rendition of Rise Up by Andra Day (WATCH in the player above).
But it was the final performance of the evening that had fans outraged over the content.
In fact, from the get-go, when the hot-pink leather wearing Tim a.k.a Pricasso (and no, the "r" is not a mistake...) came out onto the stage, the whole room raised their eyebrows in unison.
Hailing from the UK, Tim dreamt of being an artist from a young age - and at the age of 70, he entered a portrait in the Archibald's.
When Ricki-Lee ask if he "sold his works", he said: "I'm probably Australia's most prolific artist!"
While his artistry is something to behold in itself, it was HOW he makes his art that had viewers in utter shock.
"I'm going to paint a picture of one of you, using my willy," the cheeky artist told the crowd.
"Hence 'Pri-casso'," Nicole said, while adding a bemused: "Happy painting?"
WATCH NEXT: Pricasso paints a portrait of Shane Jacobson. Story continues...
Yup, he just did that...and the resemblance is uncanny!
Viewers took to Twitter expressing their concern over the segment.
"KIDS WATCH THIS SHOW AND YOU PUT THAT ON!" One user commented with gusto.
"Isn't this a 'family' show? Glad I don't have to explain that to any kiddies," another said.
While another threatened to tune out altogether.
"TV is off there's a line and that crossed it sorry if the rest of the contestants on AGT are like that I'm not watching this year [sic]."
Now to Love have reached out to Channel Seven for comment.