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Vaginal lasering is a thing, and mums can't get enough

Tightening up proceedings!

By Rebel Wylie
It's certainly no secret that childbirth can, erm … stretch things out a little below the belt. It doesn't have to stay that way though, mums are now jumping on board a pretty cool way to sort that problem out.
Remember a couple of years ago when the Kardashians made headlines for talking about a way to tighten things up on the mothership… and we all had a bit of a laugh.
"My sisters, they've had kids, and there's a vagina lasering thing to tighten," Khloe said on an episode of Kocktails With Khloe. "So in my household, all they do is talk about this vagina laser. It's like their discussion back and forth."
Turns out they were onto something.
Women of all ages are becoming huge advocates for out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal laser procedures for treating and improving vaginal health.
Nicole Montgomery, founder of Trusted Surgeon says that even though the topic is pretty taboo, women are fast discovering that laser is the perfect way to get some comfort back into their lives.
"I would confidently say that it is life-changing," she says.
"I have not spoken to a single woman that has not been happy and noticed a difference after having a vaginal rejuvenation using laser.
"Sexually, and just general comfort-wise women are finding the results so beneficial. They're reporting that they're more confident, comfortable and that having this pretty basic procedure done has really changed their quality of life."
Nicole Montgomery is the founder of Trusted Surgeons, an online platform that helps patients choose a qualified, well-recommended plastic surgeon.
There are multiple approved products and devices on the market, but the gist is quite simple. Medical professionals insert a device – similar in size to a small vibrator – which uses laser to stimulate the vaginal wall lining, increasing collagen, elastin, that in turn keeps things well-hydrated, toned and healthy.
Non-surgical, not "too" invasive, and accessible for all women the procedure will have you in the chair for less than half an hour with the procedure itself taking just minutes, and will keep improving benefit over the coming months.
Matt Moncrieff from MonaLisa Touch - one of the most renowned treatments in Australia says one of the key reasons vaginal lasering is such a success is the low risk. "MonaLisa Touch is a single-pass procedure, meaning that there is low risk for overtreatment."
"The procedure has no impact on reproduction or menstruation, and women are noticing the difference in just weeks."
Being non-surgical, mums can go back and have more children with no complications from having this procedure. Think of it as a facial for your vagina.
Montgomery warns that women still need to do their research. "It is still a medical procedure, there are a few devices on the market but it must be a doctor and nurse team administering the procedure," she says.
"This is not something that can be done safely by a beauty therapist or in someone's home, there is a chance for burns if administered incorrectly, you do need to see a professional."
Vaginal lasering is not just useful for post-birth. Commonly it helps women suffering from stress incontinence, recurrent UTIs, vaginal laxity, prolapse and vaginal atrophy (dryness) after childbirth or menopause or cancer treatments.