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Inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt is pregnant

A huge congratulations to Turia Pitt and her fiance Michael Hoskin.

By Bella Brennan
Burns survivor and pro athlete Turia Pitt has revealed she's expecting her first child with her partner Michael Hoskin.
The 29-year-old, who suffered burns to 65% of her body during an ultra-marathon in September 2011, revealed on 60 Minutes she discovered she was expecting right before she was due to do a charity trek of Mount Everest on behalf of Interplast.
“Can I just say I’m pregnant? We’re having a baby," Turia beamed to reporter Allison Langdon.
Turia is 15 weeks pregnant and will welcome her first child in December.
“We’re stoked we couldn’t be happier,” Michael said. “Turia told me she’s the happiest she’s ever been."
Turia surprised her husband-to-be by leaving the pregnancy test out on the sink, which he spotted while he was brushing his teeth.
"When that first test came through I was just like 'f*'. Then I thought I needed to stay calm," the motivational speaker explained of her reaction.
The surprise quickly turned to joy and the couple will welcome their first baby together in December, with a list of boy and girl names already picked out.

Despite her life-changing burns, Turia didn't suffer any internal injuries and it's believed she will have a normal pregnancy.
Seeing their first ultra-sound was an incredible moment for the couple.
“When we saw ours we thought oh my god look at its arms and legs,” she said.
“Michael’s going to be an amazing dad he was so patient so caring [with me]. I think those qualities in a parent are really desirable," Turia explained.
“It makes me really stoked that I’m still here and I get to experience this. Not every woman in the world gets to experience this and I get to with my best friend, my partner."
Congratulations on your wonderful news!

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