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Celebrities inundate Turia Pitt's Instagram with well wishes after she announces second pregnancy

Congratulations to Turia, Michael and Hakavai!

By Anita Lyons
Congratulations are in order for Turia Pitt and her husband Michael - they are expecting their second baby!
In the most gorgeous "Beyoncé-style" video montage, Turia announced the exciting news on Instagram, featuring an ultrasound of their unborn bub.
"When Michael and I want to share big news, I insist on creating a Beyoncé-inspired video montage," she captioned the sweet post.
"Baby #2, we can't wait to meet you 💛PS I promise we'll find you a more appropriate name soon 😂."
Turia also showed off her burgeoning bump in the video as she stood in front of a mirror, panning back and forth and then later on, a gorgeous short of her fiancé and their first child, Hakavai, next to the ultrasound screen.
Turia's beautiful baby bump! (Source: Instagram/@TuriaPitt)
Baby Hakavai, Daddy Michael and baby number two! (Source: Instagram/@TuriaPitt)
After announcing the pregnancy, celebrities swarmed to the post, congratulating the courageous athlete.
"YELP! SQUEEP! COMMOTION! APPLAUSE! ❤️", funny-lady Zoe-Foster Blake wrote, followed by: "Beautiful news! Congrats guys ❤️💫" wrote Megan Gale.
Sharing the sentiment, model Jesinta Franklin wrote: "The best news !! Congratulations xxx"
And then Melissa Hoyer commented: "The. Best. News. Congratulations T, M, H & the burgeoning peanut! ❤️❤️❤️👶🏻"
At the time of publication, the post had garnered 142k "loves" and over 2k well-wishes - so much love for such a wonderful occasion!
Family fun! And baby makes four! (Source: Instagram/@TuriaPitt)
Turia is not one to shy away from sharing personal moments with her legion of fans across the country.
In February last year, the athlete detailed every moment of the birth of her first child in a candid newsletter - beginning with how she tried to kick off her contractions…
"At 40 weeks and two days, I saw my chiropractor and got my pelvis aligned. I swam a kilometre. I went to an acupuncturist. I made an eggplant parmigiana (I used a recipe touted all over the internet as the best labour inducing food out there - google 'scalini's eggplant parmigiana' for the recipe," she wrote.
"Later, Mum and I were being silly on the couch, Michael was rolling his eyes at our shenanigans and out of nowhere, I did a massive fart and broke out in uncontrollable hysterical laughter."
"My waters broke too."
Turia then went on to talk about how she was in labour for nine hours before being told she may have to undergo C-section if she didn't opt for an epidural.
Hakavai was then vauumed out, with the sound of his cry "filling the room".
Turia and baby Havakai. (Source: Instagram/@TuriaPitt)
We love her honest and candid look at life and we cannot wait to meet baby number two!

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