In pictures: Turia Pitt's most inspirational moments

With her incredibly refreshing personality and upbeat outlook on life, it’s easy to forget the hardships Turia Pitt has seen. But the 29-year-old continues to inspire the nation, and indeed the world.

Despite her horrific brush with death back in 2011, which saw her suffer burns to 65 per cent of her body, lose several fingers and spend a gruelling five months in hospital after she was trapped in a grassfire during a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon in the Kimberleys, Turia Pitt has one of the most optimistic attitudes you’ll ever come across.
That's right, this remarkable young woman has grabbed life by the horns, soldiered on with strength, and kicked some spectacular goals while she’s at it.
She's an inspirational speaker, Iron-woman, and symbol of hope for people all over the world, but, as the 29-year-old recently revealed in an interview with 60 Minutes, Turia is about to take on her most rewarding role yet - a mother!
“Can I just say I’m pregnant? We’re having a baby," Turia beamed to reporter Allison Langdon, adding: “It makes me really stoked that I’m still here and I get to experience this. Not every woman in the world gets to experience this and I get to with my best friend, my partner."
And now their baby boy, Hakavai Hoskin has entered the world!
As she and partner Michael Hoskin now embark upon the exciting journey that is parenthood, we take a look back on some of Turia's most inspirational moments!