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Why pregnant Tiffiny Hall is rejecting the "toxic positivity" around baby bumps and bouncing back after giving birth

The former Biggest Loser trainer is pushing back against the pressure for women to look or feel a certain way while pregnant.

By Maddison Leach
For decades, women have grappled with the downright sexist expectation that they must shed kilos and return to their "pre-baby body" as soon as possible after giving birth.
Not only does it enforce many unattainable beauty standards, the pressure to look a certain way after having a child leaves countless women battling low self-worth, health issues like eating disorders, and post-natal depression.
Just months after announcing her surprise second pregnancy, fitness icon Tiffiny Hall is urging mums-to-be around Australia to let go of the idea that they need to "bounce back".
Tiffiny Hall shares a cuddle with son Arnold and is excited to welcome her second child. (Image: Instagram)
The 37-year-old is currently in her second trimester as she waits to welcome her second child with husband Ed Kavalee, and is feeling the pressure so many expectant mothers face to look a certain way.
Tiff described the look as "skinny legs and a perfect bump", but says that women – herself included – shouldn't have to deal with the unrealistic beauty standards around pregnancy.
"I feel okay, I do," she told Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys during a segment on Monday.
"But … there's a lot of pressure to feel a certain way and be a certain way when you're pregnant, and also so much pressure after you have the baby to 'bounce back'."
Tiff added: "You don't have to have that toxic positivity [mindset] all the time where you're just loving every minute of pregnancy.
"Even after the baby's born, just take that pressure off and instead of bouncing back, bounce forward. Prioritise your own self-care and looking after that little baby instead of worrying about bouncing back."
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The 37-year-old mum also confessed that her body changes a lot during pregnancy, adding that she gained 30 kilos while pregnant with her son Arnold.
Not only did she feel the usual expectations to look a certain way during that period, but Tiffiny had the added pressure of being a high-profile figure in the fitness industry.
"I had magazines calling me to do a 'bounce back' or 'comeback' feature when I was 38 weeks pregnant, and I was thinking 'oh my goodness, I'm meant to be thinking about my comeback'?" she revealed.
Instead, Tiffiny prioritised the two most important things during any pregnancy – herself and her unborn child.
Tiffiny has shared honest photos showing how pregnancy is already changing her body. (Image: Instagram)
Arnold arrived in 2017 and is a happy and healthy little boy now who can't wait to meet his new sibling, while Tiffiny is making the most of her pregnancy.
She's been sharing more realistic photos of her body as she moves through the trimesters, showing that even fit mums like her go through plenty of changes as they grow a little human.
While she continues to share workouts and fitness content, Tiffiny wants other mums to know their own wellbeing (and bub's) comes before anything else.
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