Pregnancy & Birth

Attention Blockheads: We have a baby on board!

Scotty Cam, it's time to set up the creche.

There aren’t many women who’d be understanding enough to let their husband go on a TV show, like The Block Australia, when they’re seven months pregnant.
But Sticks, whose real name is Mark, says his wife Terri was just glad to be rid of him!
The family can't wait for their newest Blockhead!
“I think she was stoked to have me out of her hair,” the 31-year-old carpenter laughed.
“She was really supportive and could see the bigger picture – that it would be good for our family. She just said jump on it. If you can get on it, do it!”
Thankfully, the couple, who already have 15-month old son Kanoa, were lucky enough to have the support of family living close by their home on the NSW South Coast.
“My parents live five minutes away and my brother lives opposite. Mum was checking in on her daily and Dad would pop round with firewood."“Then Terri’s parents would come down at weekends and stay with her. I didn’t just leave her on her own! “ Sticks explained, adding the couple stayed in touch with daily phone calls throughout his three-month stint filming the show in Melbourne.As for whether Terri, 
a nurse, would’ve liked her chance at a TV career too, Sticks says the pair would’ve found working together 
a real challenge.
“I think we would’ve been tearing each other’s hair out before long!”

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