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Baby boom! The Block's Sarah and George Bragias introduce their baby boy to Australia

''Leo, you have filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty.''

By Faye Couros
The Block's Sarah and George Bragias have finally become parents and have announced their baby boy arrived safely into the world.
Sharing their happy news exclusively with New Idea, Sarah, 29, revealed baby Leonardo, nicknamed Leo, arrived two weeks early on February 6 after 15 hours of labour.
They've nicknamed their son Leo. (Image: Supplied)
"I woke up with back pain and contractions," the new mum explained.
"But being first-time parents, it wasn't until a few hours later we realised we were definitely in labour. Then it was a bit of a mad rush to get everything packed for the hospital."
New dad George reflected on his first moments with his son, calling it "one of the most magical experiences in my life."
"I mean you don't think you're a father until they are in your arms – it becomes real then, and the love and the joy I felt was honestly the best moment of my life," he gushed.
The new parents also joked that the early starts on The Block helped them prepare for the drastic lifestyle change parenting offers.
"I think it's actually harder to do The Block," said George, who added that he's still "learning" when it comes to nappy changes.
"I woke up with back pain and contractions." (Image: Supplied)
"With the baby, you get up at 3am to change a nappy, but can go back to sleep after. On The Block, you get up at 3am and then you are working all day and all night. I will take the nappy change any day!"
Sarah added: "We are just blessed because Leo feeds well, he sleeps well and he is a real calm baby."
George and Sarah also announced the news on their Instagram with a slew of professional shots with their newborn.
Besides the adorable pictures, they captioned the milestone post, "💙 Leonardo Bragias 💙.
"Leo, you have filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty. You are the greatest and most amazing thing that has ever happened to us. Although our eyes are heavy and our brains are foggy, we love you so incredibly much.

"Leo was born on the 6th February at 9:20pm. He arrived naturally two weeks earlier than expected. He was ready to meet us," she continued.
"We're doing well, but we're still finding our feet and navigating this crazy new world together. He's a cheeky little boy already, he definitely takes after Daddy.
"We're feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful to call him our son!"

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