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EXCLUSIVE: The Block's Sticks and wife Terri welcome a baby boy

Even 12 weeks on the show couldn’t prepare Sticks for his gorgeous bundle of joy!

Sticks gave up everything to be on The Block and even thought he might miss the birth of his second child.
So after several weeks on the show with his teammate, friend Wombat, 37, he was delighted 
to be reunited with his family 
just in time for the birth of son Lani Chase Crocker.
He even had time for a Maccas drive-through on the way to the airport!
The couple are completely smitten.
Terri was seven months pregnant when her husband went on The Block.
"I did the same on the way to Kanoa’s birth," says the proud dad as he cradles his newborn baby.
Sticks, 31, made the mad dash home from Melbourne to NSW’s Sussex Inlet by helicopter, where he was reunited with his wife Terri and son Kanoa, 18 months, just before Lani’s arrival.
"We’d planned on me not being there for the birth, so Terri’s mum was on standby,” says Sticks, 
a carpenter and photographer.
The family adore their baby Blockhead.
Introducing: Lani Chase Crocker
Terri, 32, was prepared to give birth without her devoted husband by her side.
But the mum-of-two was stoked he made it.
“I was on edge for the last few weeks so when I heard Sticks was coming home it was a relief."
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