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Australian actress Teresa Palmer announces she's expecting her fourth child

No small clan in Teresa's household.

By Jess Pullar
Australian actress Teresa Palmer has made the surprise announcement she is pregnant with her fourth child.
The 35-year-old took to Instagram today to share an update with her one million-strong following, writing: "35 years ago right around now I was born in sunny Adelaide. Today I am thinking of my mother's transition to motherhood and feel grateful to her for all she has done for me.
"I celebrate her, a healthy full life & the miracle of birth. Reflecting on this surrounded by my darling babies, including our newest little love."

The actress currently has three children to husband Mark Webber, Forest, 4, Bohdi, 7, and Poet, 1.
She is also a proud step-mum to Mark's son, Isaac.
The actress has a small army of children, now! (Instagram)
The beautiful images show Teresa glowing as she embraces her three children, whom she has opened up about previously.
The actress is known for her holistic, vegan lifestyle, previously telling OK! of her most recent birth with Poet, "I've been honouring the concept of the 'fourth trimester' and taking time to readjust, realign and get into the natural flow of living with a newborn. I've been wearing slings so I can be hands-free with the older kids and everyone is included."
Teresa practises a very holistic lifestyle. (Instagram)
Speaking about her children being vegan, she explained: "I've tried to help Bodhi be less dogmatic about his veganism and incorporate some dairy, especially at birthday parties and places where there may not be vegan options.
"Of course, if he decided to change his approach and reintroduce meat or dairy, I would be completely supportive. However, he is such a sensitive and considered soul that I don't think that will happen anytime soon."
She continued: "Poet seems to be having a bad reaction to dairy so it looks like, for the time being, the whole family will be vegan."
Teresa's whole family is vegan. (Instagram)
Chatting previously about becoming a mother admidst a successful movie career, Teresa explained: "It's not like what it was in my 20s – it [acting] is not the be-all and end-all for me now," she explains.
"I've always wanted children and thought, 'OK, I'll just deal with how it affects my career. I don't put my stock or happiness into how my career is progressing anymore – it's liberating."

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