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Work-wives Sylvia Jeffreys & Jayne Azzopardi swap TV duties for mum duties with a cute playdate

The Channel Nine presenters both have adorable one-year-old sons.

By Jess Pullar
Being a new mum comes with its challenges, but sometimes, all it takes is a like-minded soul to give you a little boost.
It seems Channel Nine presenters Sylvia Jeffreys and Jayne Azzopardi have found solace in exactly that - not only do they both work at the same place, but they're also tackling the ups and downs of motherhood side by side.
Earlier this month, Sylvia celebrated her son Oscar's first birthday with cake, cuddles and plenty of family and friends.
Not long after, Jayne too celebrated her son Joey's first birthday with the same winning combo.
The two mums have also aligned in that they're also both currently pregnant with their second children.
Still following? Oh, but the twinning continues...
Sylvia and Jayne really are soul sisters. (Instagram)
While Sylvia is expecting her baby a little sooner than Jayne, the pair are celebrating big milestones together.
On Wednesday this week, Sylvia shared a cute pic to her Instagram story from the pair's kiddie play date, where they celebrated their son's birthdays with presents.
"Birthay boys," Sylvia wrote alongside the gorgeous pic of the two one-year-olds in the park.
The TV presenters sons opened their first birthday presents together. (Instagram)
And this is certainly not the first time the two boys have twinned just like their mums.
Back in September, Jayne shared a gorgeous carousel of snaps of the two boys out for a cafe play date with their mums wearing very similar attire.
"When you show up for a coffee/play date and realise you've both couple-dressed," Jayne wrote.
In the sweet series of pics, Jayne and Sylvia are seen with their then seven-month-olds, and in a second snap, little Joey and Oscar reach out to touch each other wearing matching bibs.
So. Darn. Cute. (Instagram)
As the two mums prepare to welcome siblings for their sons, they're finding plenty of reasons to celebrate.
Sylvia shared some gorgeous pictures from Oscar's big birthday bash - including a family snap with husband Peter Stefanovic, and more with her sister-in-law Jasmine Stefanovic, who brought along her own baby, Harper, whom she shares with Today's Karl Stefanovic.

Jayne, meanwhile, looked like she enjoyed a casual playground session with her own tot - with a seriously good smash cake to boot.
Of course, motherhood is a journey full of highs and lows - but if you're lucky, your fellow mums will always be by your side. Jayne and Sylvia are case in point.

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