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Snezana Markoski thanks Sam Wood for helping her through the less-glamorous side of pregnancy

The former Bachelor star kept things refreshingly real!

By Alex Lilly
It may be her third pregnancy but Snezana Markoski has had to endure some not-so-nice symptoms along the way.
But the former Bachelor star, who is expecting another baby girl, has the support of her husband Sam Wood and shared a sweet message of thanks to him on Instagram that's making us go all misty-eyed.
"I just wanted to say Thank You to my incredible husband @samjameswood for helping me put my shoes on (and in a couple of weeks time it'll be my pants)," Snez captioned an Instagram snap of herself and Sam on Monday night.
"For helping me get up off the floor in a semi dignified manner, for rolling me off the couch and shuffling at a snails pass when we're walking having my many and endless braxton hicks contractions, for stopping mid walking and waiting for the feeling to come back in my right leg because the baby is pushing down on a nerve and it goes numb," she continued.
We bet plenty of mums and expectant mums are nodding along in agreement to this!
As the Bachelor sweethearts prepare to welcome their third child, Snez had some downright cute things to say about her husband. (Image: Instagram @snezanawood)
And just when we thought Sam couldn't be any cuter, Snez had more praise to give out.
"For telling me you love my speckled melasma covered face and telling me I'm beautiful when I have a break down because the outfit that fit me two days ago doesn't even go past my knees today," she added.
"For agreeing to watch another episode of one of our Netflix shows knowing I'll be drooling on your chest in 3 mins and asking you to start it all over again when I wake up and most of all telling me I'm beautiful and how much you love me even when I'm not having a pregnant hormonal break down."
We're not crying, you're crying.
WATCH: Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski work out together. Post continues...
That's not the only sweet Instagram tribute Snezana has posted this week.
The soon-to-be mum-of-three shared a family photo of herself, Sam and their two daughters Eve, 13 and Willow, 17 months on Mother's Day.
"Thank you to my beautiful husband @samjameswood and girls @eve.vict & Willow for showering me with so much love and chaos making today the most perfect day I could ever ask for! Our family photos say it all!" she gushed.
Looks like the Wood/Markoski clan had a fun Mother's Day! (Image: Instagram @snezanawood)
It's pretty clear Sam thinks his wife is doing a great job at being a mum as evidenced by his Mother's Day post to her.
"So humble, so selfless, so strong and so damn beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being there every minute of every day for our children and me. We love you more than we can say in words," he captioned a gorgeous photo of Snez laughing in the sunshine.
And with one more girl joining the family, the former Bachelor isn't complaining.
"I've just got this house full of girls, nothing is gonna change. It's just me and the dog representing the boys. But you know what? It's such a nice place to come home."
Sam honoured his wife in a sweet Mother's Day post over the weekend. (Image: Instagram @samjameswood)

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