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Skin to Skin C-Section Drape Allows Mums To Hold Newborns Immediately

Breakthrough invention for C-section births

Until now, one of the barriers of having a C-section was the inability for new mums to bond with their babies through immediate skin to skin contact. Thanks to three labour and delivery nurses in the United States, there is now a solution.
Virginia nurses Kimberly Jarrelle, Deborah Burbic and Jess Niccoli have used their 50 years of combined experience delivering babies to develop a new surgically approved drape.
The Skin to Skin C-Section Drape allows the baby to be passed through to the mother whilst compiling with the sterility requirements of an operating theatre. The drape then seals closed as the surgeons complete the operation.
Deborah Burbic explained the inspiration behind the idea to her local newspaper Richmond Times.
“When mom [sic] gets to hold that baby for the first time on her chest, it is just unbelievable, that experience. We were going, ‘How could we make this happen in the operating room?’”
According to nurse Niccoli, depending on the procedure, a mother may have to wait from five to thirty minutes before she can hold her baby on her chest after a C-Section.
The new drape will make this process immediate, encouraging that incredibly important initial skin to skin bond between mother and child.
This is great news for mums electing to have the surgery, as well as those who were planning on a natural birth and for whatever reason end up having a caesarean.
We think anything that helps deliver new babies safely into their mothers' arms as soon as possible, and without undue stress or separation, is worth celebrating.

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