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“Worst thing I’ve ever done!” Rebecca Judd on her caesarean birth

The mother-of-four thought she was going to lose her life during what she found to be a “horrific” procedure.

By Katie Skelly
From her social media presence, motherhood for Rebecca Judd appears to be a breeze.
But ask her about her recent birth to twins Tom and Darcy, who completed the now-family-of-six, and the TV presenter will tell you that it was far from easy.
Opening up to KIIS FM’s show The 3pm Pick Up, the 34-year-old recalled the traumatic delivery of her family’s newest additions, calling it “the worst thing I’ve ever done”.

“It kills, it absolutely kills,” says Bec as she compared the delivery to a natural birth, which she’d previously done with son Oscar, six, and Billie, three.
“The fact that you are awake in major abdominal surgery is mind-boggling and freaky,” she went on.
She remembers having a panic attack on the operating table as her heart began to skip beats. It was a moment where she genuinely wondered if she might indeed die.

While there was no cause for concern, Bec felt completely overwhelmed. “There’s people everywhere, there’s these bright lights, I’m about to meet my twins, it was kind of an emergency caesarean, I’d been stressed my whole pregnancy and then I’m pretty much having a panic attack, it was wild.”
And after her own experience, the weather presenter would now urge others to go ahead with a natural birth, given the choice.
“Ladies, if you’re thinking of an elective caesar but your baby’s in a normal, natural position for a natural delivery, I’d go natural all the way, baby,” she said.

She was left with a 12cm scar which she admits she doesn’t like – much like friends of hers who’ve also undergone a caesarean, who refer to their own as a “sausage shelf”.
While she says it’s very low – “it's practically on my public bone” – the model mum uses compression tights and shapewear to limit its visibility.
Pain and horror aside, Bec deems herself the “luckiest mum in the world”, adding that the safe arrival of her and AFL star husband Chris Judd’s boys are the “best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

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