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3 all-too-familar parenting truths care of Young Mummy blogger, Sophie Cachia

The mum-of-two breaks down the barriers in an exclusive chat with Mother & Baby.

By Danielle Sen
Sophie Cachia, 26, is no stranger to controversy. Penning The Young Mummy blog has gained her hundreds of thousands of followers who praise her very frank and unadulterated perspective on motherhood.
No doubt fans will remember the moment she Snapchatted her labour, along with the revelation she was having name regret with her baby girl.
Now, as she breastfeeds on the cover of Mother & Baby, Sophie opens up about being in the public eye and her life with husband Jaryd, 25, and their kids Bobby, three, and Florence, 13 weeks.

On her overwhelming pregnancy

I first got pregnant when I was 22. I was really, really overwhelmed. I found being pregnant really hard the first time around. I struggled with my body changing, I struggled mentally, and all I had ever read online was how beautiful pregnancy was.
I had a lot of anxiety leading up to Flossy’s birth, because I had a hard time with Bobby when he was born. During this pregnancy I started to have some thoughts, like ‘What have I done?’ It was almost like regret.
Now she’s here, I am so much more relaxed. She’s a good baby, but everyone around me says it’s because I’m just so much more relaxed with her, so I think it works both ways. Life is a lot more chaotic; I still have washing on my table that’s been there for about a month, but my babies are happy.

On *that* Snapchat story

I had more than a million people tuned in that day to watch, which was incredible. I even had men saying, ‘My wife’s due in six months and I’m now going in with a little bit of insight’.
I was never going to Snapchat the end, so I went offline for about two hours when I was getting her out, feeding her and having nap time. The worst part? I forgot to save most of them!

On changing her daughter’s name

When she came out, it was such a shock and Betty was the first girl’s name that came into my head. It was almost instantly that I thought, ‘What have I done?’ It really sunk in when I left the hospital and a couple in the lift asked what her name was.
I was embarrassed to say my daughter’s name. It was then I said to Jaryd, ‘I’ve got a big issue here’. We started to try out different names and she was actually called Missy for two days and that didn’t stick.
We went back to Florence, which is what we called her for about a week before we told anybody. We wanted to get Bobby’s head around it before we told anyone else and he picked up on it really quickly, which was amazing.
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