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Miranda Tapsell just announced she's pregnant with husband James Colley in the sweetest way


By Maddison Hockey
Renowned Australian actress Miranda Tapsell has revealed some VERY exciting news – she's expecting!
The 33-year-old revealed she's pregnant with her first child with her husband, James Colley, which she announced via Instagram.
Sharing her sonogram and a very happy snap with her hubby Miranda wrote: "Our very exciting production due 2021 👶🏾."

James posted an identical post on his social media page sharing in the joyous news.
Miranda first met her husband, James, in a somewhat unconventional but highly modern way: on Twitter.
One follow online of the comedy writer known for his work on ABC's Gruen and The Weekly, quickly led to love.
Miranda followed James on Twitter, and the rest was history! (Instagram)
"He was friends with my friends so it's not like this strange catfish story, though he will tell you differently. He thinks I hit him up, that I started flirting," she joked to the Australian Women's Weekly.
"He was chatting to Aboriginal playwrights and rappers, people I knew, and I was reading all his stuff which was quite funny. Twitter really is for comedians. You've got to think quickly on your feet and say very little. He was good at those punchlines."
Miranda couldn't resist James' comedic charm. (AWW)
They then engineered a meeting and Miranda says she felt an instant connection.
"It was so nice to meet someone where I didn't have to try so hard. I was able to talk about Beyonce and hip-hop and things that we both liked. Mind you, he started talking about space because he's a real nerd and I was just like, 'mate you've lost me'."

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