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Megan Gale shares an update on her pregnancy (and an incredible underwear selfie)

“WATCH OUT! DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD,” she captioned the pic.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Megan Gale has taken to social media to share a very detailed pregnancy update with fans, saying that she feels “so lucky” and “so blessed” to be pregnant once again.
The 41-year-old, who announced she was expecting another child with her AFL partner Shaun Hampson in April, shared the update alongside a makeup-free (and pants-free) selfie uploaded to Instagram.
“WATCH OUT ⚠️ DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD,” the post began. “Even though I seem to be dreamily basking in creamy dappled sunlight, I am starting to feel the preggo pinch of late.”

Megan explained that she’s encountered many of the same pregnancy symptoms she experienced while carrying her first child, River, two -- however, many have returned much worse and much sooner this time around.
“As I amble (not quite a waddle.. YET) towards the third trimester the aches and pains in the nether regions are coming back with a vengeance and much earlier in the pregnancy than I remember with River and I'm also much bigger much earlier,” she wrote. “Not so much from a weight perspective but a ..... girth perspective 😜.”
She added that her “little bun” -- as she has affectionately nicknamed her impending arrival -- is measuring “slightly big” for her current stage of pregnancy, writing: “I very well could have a big baby on my hands come push time 😳.”
The model went on to reveal that she’s suffering from “water retention, snoring and heartburn,” but can’t help marvelling at her body’s incredible capabilities.
“Jokes aside, I am just marvelling at what my body is capable of and I am LOVING every little kick, punch and jostle that is going on in there. I mean I'm growing a freaking human - how cool is that?!” she said. “So lucky, so blessed and I may not get to do this again so I'll take the bad because I know there's SO much good, now and in the future.”
Megan closed the lengthy post: “So here's to #embracingthebump.”

The actress recently revealed that her experience of miscarriage is something she’s brought with her into her current pregnancy.
"The pregnancy is going well," she told Mamamia at the unveiling of her wax figure for Madame Tussauds in Sydney.
"In some ways it is different to my first [pregnancy] because of the experience of going through a miscarriage. I was very conscious to not put a lot of pressure on myself or Shaun or us or as a couple [to fall pregnant again] and let it happen organically. We very were lucky that it happened so quickly.”

"But there is a little bit of a difference. With my first pregnancy, I knew there were complications but I didn't worry about it as much. With this pregnancy, I have been waiting for every scan and waiting on the edge of my seat for each one to pass," she said.
"I try not to let nerves and stress play a role in it all, but you can't help but wonder - what if it happens again? Shaun spoke about it as a couple and we agreed, whatever will be will be."
Thankfully, the Aussie-darling told the publication that at this stage everything is "absolutely flying".

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