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Baby magic! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Luke Cook has officially welcomed a baby boy with Kara Wilson

''He’s a joy.''

By Maddison Hockey
Australian actor Luke Cook has welcomed a baby boy with his partner, LA-based stylist, Kara Wilson.
Taking to Instagram the 33-year-old shared the happy news with a gorgeous black and white photograph holding his newborn son.
"Chaplin Benjamin Cook. Born 11/11/2020. Kara was brave. We all cried. He's a joy," he wrote.

Just two days ago the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina star spoke of his excitement and nervousness ahead of Chaplin's arrival.
"We're so close now! And we're both nervous and excited and scared and all of the feelings. I just wanted to shout out to Kara because... it's been a funny time to be pregnant, a scary time. An anxious time. But Kara has handled it beautifully. Calm, stable and sexy. And also, sexy," he wrote in an Instagram post.

He then went on to praise Kara: "As the bloke in the whole experience, I just get to watch, while she endures it all. "
"Her body completely changing and all the aches and mood swings that can come with that (my mood swings are worse than hers and I'm not even pregnant), all the learning about the procedures and bub to come, and all the scary stories and weird advice given by SO many women (it's mind-blowing), Kara has handled it all like a champ. I knew she was great, but I didn't know she was this great. She's a fighter. And that's who I get to go on this journey with, and I thank God for who she is."
The couple were over the moon. (Instagram)
While Kara added in her own post: "'My beautiful Son. Growing you has been nothing short of a dream. carrying you is something I've pictured myself doing for what feels like my whole life so to be able to feel you now is a miracle that brings tears to my eyes."
"To my beautiful husband, thank you for making me a mum and for being so excited to start this journey with me. I can't wait to watch you be a father to our little boy,' Kara said, hinting the pair may have wed since news of the engagement in late 2019."
Luke plays Lucifer in Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. (Netflix)
Luke, who moved to LA to pursue acting several years ago, has appeared in a number of huge hits including Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 but has gained huge notoriety since joining Netflix's Sabrina series as Lucifer Morningstar.
Luke popped the question to Kara in December 2019, but a wedding is yet to be confirmed.

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