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Nova radio host Wippa's wife Lisa Wipfli welcomes their third baby

The news is especially joyful, as Lisa experienced a miscarriage last year.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Lisa Wipfli, the wife of Nova breakfast radio host Michael "Wippa" Wipfli, has given birth to the couple's third child, a baby girl.
The happy news was announced on Instagram by Wippa's official radio show page, with a sweet photo of their family.
"Sending a BIG congratulations to the Wipfli's, who have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world! (Wips and Lisa haven't decided on a name yet, but we're sure it will be perfect) 👶💗🌏," the caption read. However, it wasn't long before Wippa jumped on to social media himself to announce the new addition's name.

"Our family is complete. Francesca Vera Alice Wipfli, welcome to the line up," he captioned his snap.
"Your team consists of a beautiful loving mum who has carried you for 9 months, 2 completely out of control bear cubs at home and a Dad who occasionally gets it right. But you'll fit in just perfectly. We couldn't be more in love. @lisawipfli you are amazing."
Francesca Vera Alice - what a cutie! (Image: Instagram @wippa1)
This is the couple's third baby, with their brand new daughter having two older brothers, Theodore and Jack.
Lisa, who co-owns the healthy baby food brand Nourishing Bubs, first met her now husband at work back in 2011.
"I was working for a business in the Nova building," she told Nine Honey.
"I'd just flown in from London to start a new job and we saw each other and there was an instant attraction."
Congratulations to the Wipfli clan! Image: Instagram
Lisa and Michael already have two sons, Theo and Jack. Image: Instagram
The couple live in Sydney and just recently moved into a new house in Bellevue Hill, in the eastern suburbs.
Lisa describes her relationship with Mike as a "true team".
"We've always been on the same wavelength," she said.
"It feels like we are a team which is so special. Even the way we parent, we're a team."
Lisa pictured at her baby shower celebrations. Image: Instagram
Lisa with her two gorgeous boys. Image: Instagram
And despite the fact that her husband is a comedian, that doesn't mean he's cracking jokes nonstop at home, something Lisa says she is relieved by.
"That would drive me mad. He's quite a sensitive soul and he knows when to joke and when to have a deep and meaningful conversation," she revealed.
"What I find with Mike is that if he senses that I'm stressed or things are full on with the kids, he knows how to lighten the mood," she says. "He knows how to make me have a laugh when I'm over-reacting to something."
"He's a nice balance," she said.
So, what's the secret to their successful relationship? Separate bedrooms!
"Separate beds is the way to go," Wippa told his co-hosts Fitzy and Sarah on the radio in 2017.
"There are so many people who would say separate beds are healthy for your relationship. You get your best sleep, so when I'm with the family and we're together she gets the best of me."
If it works, it works!
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This new baby is particularly happy news for the couple, as Lisa experienced a miscarriage last year when she was eight weeks pregnant.
"We know a lot of people who have tried many, many times (to fall pregnant) and we thought if this one doesn't happen, let it be," she told Nine Honey.
"But we were lucky enough to conceive pretty quickly and she's very healthy," she said of her new bub.
Congratulations, Wipfli clan.

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