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“It’s all going to be so worth it!” Lauren Brant on her pregnancy struggles

The former Hi-5 star opens up on what parenting will be like with AFL champ Barry Hall.

By Danielle Sen
As she prepares to welcome her first baby with AFL superstar Barry Hall, Lauren Brant is speaking out on her journey to motherhood so far, which saw her encounter a tough few months.
“The first trimester of my pregnancy was a challenge for a couple of reasons,” the former Hi-5 star tells us on the cover of Pregnancy Life and Style.
“Firstly, I was physically sick every day, feeling hungover without having had the party the night before. Not being able to enjoy a nice drop or social drink is a challenge in itself, too.”
"When I hear the stories of how difficult some ladies’ pregnancies have been, you could say I have had an easy pregnancy, even with three months of throwing up every day."

The bubbly brunette, who met her babydaddy while filming I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2015, are due to become first-time parents in the coming months.
While their road to love was easy like Sunday morning, her pregnancy presented a few hurdles. The morning sickness, for one, had her throwing up every day for three months.
“I had water retention and swollen breasts straightaway, but no bump. I couldn’t understand why the rest of my body was showing signs of pregnancy but not the area that was ‘supposed’ to," she says.
“This is my first child, so there were so many unexpected symptoms that I had to keep searching for online to see if they were pregnancy related, in addition to the things most women experience.”
But the 28-year-old admits that she “doesn’t mind” the discomfort. Why? Because in the spirit of the amazing mother she’ll no doubt be, Lauren says, “You just have to deal with it because it’s all going to be so worth it.”
“I know I am growing a little baby inside who I will get to hold in my arms at the end."
Lauren and Barry found love after the show's end.
Lauren and Barry confirmed their romance last October after they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss on the Gold Coast.
“We have been spending a lot of time together and we have been enjoying each other’s company,” Lauren explained to The Daily Telegraph. "Who knows what the future holds?" she mused at the time.
Now, as the couple await to start their little family, it seems no-one is more excited than expectant-dad Barry.
“When we found out we were pregnant, Barry went out and bought a little teddy. It is so sentimental that I would have to say that is the thing I am most looking forward to seeing bub with."
“Barry and I have both talked about having four children (oh, and a dog!). We love kids and the thought of having a full house of siblings running around excites us.”
Us too, Lauren!
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