Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnant Bachelor star Laura Byrne shares her very interesting theory on whether she's having a boy or girl... and her answer may surprise you!

Laura and Matty J are due to welcome their second bub next year.

By Bella Brennan
Not finding out the gender of your unborn baby certainly takes a whole lot of willpower but it is perhaps one of the best surprises life has to offer us.
And for Bachelor season five poster couple Matty "J" Johnson and his fiancee Laura Byrne, they loved the thrill of the surprise when they welcomed their first daughter, 16-month-old Marlie-Mae, so much, they're doing it all over again for their second bub.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: Laura Byrne speculates she's having a boy
As they countdown to welcome their newest family member, Laura has dished on what her gut instinct is telling her she's having.
Answering a series of fan questions on Thursday night, the jewellery designer confessed she was getting "very strong boy vibes" but was quick to say she has a low success rate in guessing correctly.
"We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. We're having a surprise," she explained.
"But I'm getting very strong boy vibes, which means absolutely nothing because I also got very strong boy vibes when I had Marlie. So... It's probably a girl."
Sharing her theory on her bub's gender, Laura admitted she was "getting strong boy vibes", but thinks it's probably a girl because the exact same thing happened during her pregnancy with Marlie-Mae. (Image: Instagram)
In the same Q&A, the podcast host also revealed she and Matty J were recently inspired to downsize the size of their family after watching David Attenborough's A Life On Our Planet documentary, which highlights the grave danger our planet is in.
"If you asked me two weeks ago, I would have told you we were having three kids... ish. Matt is one of five, so he's always wanted a big family. But we just watched the new David Attenborough documentary and pretty sure we're going to have two," the 33-year-old mused in response to a fan asking her how many kids she wants.
The reality star also responded to queries if their second baby was planned.
"Lots of people asking me if this pregnancy was planned because they're so close together. Yes! It was very, very planned. We are insane. I'm starting to question whether it was a good idea but it's happening," she said of her back-to-back babies, who will be 19-months apart.
The Bachelor couple originally wanted three kids but now think they'll have two. (Image: Instagram)
Finishing off her candid Q&A, a fan cheekily asked: "Any tips on how to want sexy time when pregnant?"
"I feel tired just reading this question. This is what you got you into this problem in the first place," Laura quipped.
Laura and Matty, who fell in love in the 2017 series of The Bachelor, announced they were expecting their second child in September with Laura sharing a beautiful pic of the family of three by the ocean with her round baby bump on show.
"I recon we've kept this little beach ball under wraps for long enough..... Half way to number 2," she wrote.
She comically added: "A big shout out to @matthewdavidjohnson for his contribution 😂".
Matty also took to his Instagram platform to share the news, adding a photo of his daughter pulling a face and writing: "Marlie-Mae learning shocked face couldn't have been timed any better.. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!"
He also added a little warning: "Please brace yourself for twice the amount of dad jokes."
Marlie-Mae will be 19 months older than her sibling. (Image: Instagram)