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Laura Byrne may have accidentally let slip the gender of her unborn baby

Fans are now CONVINCED she and Matty J are having a boy

By Erin Doyle
The arrival of Matty J and Laura Byrne's first child is rapidly approaching.
But it was Laura's latest baby bump snap that whipped fans into a frenzy when The Bachelor star may have accidentally spilled the bub's gender.
Posting to her Instagram account, the heavily pregnant reality star shared a mirror selfie that exposed her burgeoning bump.
"I remember being given an assignment on Egypt in primary school and I sh*t you not I spent a good fortnight thinking Egypt was pronounced "eggy-put".... sometimes I really hope this child takes after its Dad. Waddling into the 39 week mark," she captioned the shot.
However, an eagle-eyed follower pointed out that the caption had received a hasty edit just minutes after posting.
According to the fan, the caption originally read "his dad" instead of "its dad" – all but confirming the couple are having a baby boy.
Whoops! Laura originally wrote "his dad" as she referenced the baby before quickly changing it. (Image: @ladyandacat/Instagram)
Not long to go now! Laura showed off her 39-week baby bump. (Image: @ladyandacat/Instagram)
Responding to one fan who referenced the sneaky edit, Laura insisted it was just a simple mistake.
"She put 'his dad' so maybe a boy? She's edited it now! Could be just a figure of speech," the fan wrote, with Laura replying: "We honestly don't know!! It was a slip."
Laura also shared a side-on view of her belly on her Instagram story, hilariously captioning it: "Vacate notice coming soon".
"My favourite, if it's a girl, I really want to call it Marley May,' she told the Shameless podcast.
However, if Laura gives birth to a son, his name is still currently up in the air.
"We haven't decided on a boys' name yet," she confessed, before admitting Matt is pushing for Percy after his grandfather but she isn't totally on board.
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