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Channel Nine presenter Jayne Azzopardi gives birth to her first child!

Congratulations Jayne and Trent!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Channel Nine host Jayne Azzopardi has given birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy.
The first time mother and Weekend Today presenter, and her cinematographer husband Trent Butler, welcomed their family's newest addition earlier today.
"Little Joey Lance Edward Butler arrived at 11:31am on Tuesday and mum says 'he's perfect'," Channel Nine says.
Jayne, who was recently promoted as part of the Today Show's new 2020 lineup, first revealed the news to Nine viewers about halfway through her pregnancy.
"Trent and I are expecting a little boy which is very exciting," Jayde told her co-host Allison Langdon at the time.
"It's lovely news, we're both very happy."
A heavily pregnant Jayne pictured hosting the Channel Nine news. Instagram
Jayne worked on-air all throughout her pregnancy, with viewers treated to weekly updates about her growing baby bump. Instagram
And Jayne has been very open about the fact that falling pregnant certainly wasn't a walk in the park.
"I feel compelled to say that it hasn't been easy for us and I know that there will be people watching who are struggling to conceive or ... have experienced loss themselves and I know they'll be happy for me," she told Today viewers last year.
"But I also know that it can be extra painful to hear somebody else announcing happy news so I hope everybody gets their happy announcement, but we are just, we are just delighted."
A blissed-out Jayne pictured on her babymoon. Instagram
She first alluded to her fertility struggles in an Instagram post announcing her happy news back in September.
"It's getting a bit hard to suck this belly in now! Baby boy is due in Feb and Trent & I are delighted," she wrote at the time.
"It wasn't an easy road for us to get here so sending all our love to those hoping for their own happy news one day soon. 😘."
Jayne pictured with fellow Channel Nine journos Tracey Vo and Sylvia Jeffreys. Instagram
Jayne was lucky enough to share her pregnancy journey with one of her Channel Nine colleagues, Sylvia Jeffreys.
Back in October, the journalists took to Instagram to show off their burgeoning bumps in a series of cute photos.
It's understood the pair are due within just a week of each other.
Jayne and Sylvia pictured together back in October Instagram
The post was met with a flurry of delighted comments remarking how stunning the two women looked.
"Beautiful bumps, beautiful ladies!" Studio 10's Sarah Harris commented while Jayne herself joked, "Race you to the delivery room @sylviajeffreys ! 🤰🏽 🤰🏼"
Looks like there is something in the water at Nine!

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